Get started with ArcGIS Maritime

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ArcGIS Maritime is a system for managing and producing maritime data compliant with the International Hydrographic Organization's (IHO) S-100 series of standards and S-57. ArcGIS Maritime provides S-100 and S-57 tools for loading an S-100 based feature catalogue, creating an S-57 based schema, ingesting data, symbolizing data, and exporting products.

Furthermore, you can use ArcGIS Maritime to do the following:

  • Convert S-57 data to S-101 format.
  • Load an S-100 based feature catalogue into a geodatabase.
  • Import products into a geodatabase for centralized management and editing.
  • Create and edit S-100 or S-57 features.
  • Manage feature associations and relationships.
  • Create depth area features.
  • Create land area features.
  • Validate S-57 data.
  • Export from geodatabase to the S-57 and S-100 format.
  • Package S-57 data as an exchange set.