Business Analyst

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Business Analyst is an extension to ArcGIS Pro that provides a range of capabilities and data to help you aggregate, enrich, and analyze spatial data to support decision making in your organization.

A main entry point is the Business Analysis gallery on the Analysis tab on the ribbon. Here you can start common workflows and configure your data sources. The geoprocessing toolboxes contain tools for both Business Analyst and Territory Design, allowing you to create repeatable models and custom tools.

Business Analyst help documentation

Get started

In this section, you can explore what’s included in Business Analyst data and how to apply it to your work using tools such as Business and Facilities Search, Evaluate Site, and Enrich Layer.

Use Business Analyst data

In this section, learn how to set up and manage Business Analyst data and create custom data for use in Business Analyst workflows.

Generate trade areas

In this section, learn how to generate geography-based trade areas (distance, time, or custom boundary) and data-driven trade areas (population or customers), as well as work with trade areas.

Perform analysis

In this section, learn about advanced workflows such as Huff Model, Suitability Analysis, Territory Design, and Target Marketing.

Share your work

In this section, learn how you can share your Business Analyst work with your collaborators, organization, and stakeholders.

Learn more

In this section, find additional resources focused on the finer points of the Business Analyst product.

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