An overview of the Maritime toolbox

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The Maritime toolbox contains tools that manage S-57, S-100, VPF, and bathymetric data.


Generate Depth Areas

Creates depth area polygon features using a TIN to query depth information to find whether a closed contour is trending deeper or shallower.

Generate Land Areas

Creates land area polygon features by identifying existing land topology features, such as coastline and shoreline construction, and eliminating any polygons over water or other exclusionary features. An area of interest is specified to limit the processing area.

Reduce Point Density

Thins points from a point or multipoint feature class.

Smooth Bathymetric TIN

Smooths a triangulated irregular network (TIN) dataset in a manner that strictly preserves a shallow bias.



The S-57 toolset contains tools that manage and validate S-57 data.


The S-100 toolset contains tools that manage S-100 data.


The VPF toolset contains tools that manage VPF data.