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You can search points of interest (POI), such as businesses and facilities using data from Data Axle, SafeGraph, and other POI data sources. For example, you can search for hospitals or search using the name of a specific hospital. You can also search within a category or industry or search using NAICS or SIC codes.


Points of Interest Search was previously called Business and Facilities Search.

The Points of Interest Search workflow has three stages: initial search, filter, and output. Before starting a search, set the Business Analyst data source under the Business Analysis drop-down menu available on the Analysis tab. The options you see in the workflow are dependent on the Business Analyst data source.


Setting a map extent before you start the workflow ensures that the search results are limited to the map extent.

To search for points of interest, follow the steps below:

  1. In ArcGIS Pro, click the Analysis tab, open the Business Analysis drop-down menu, and click Points of Interest Search.

    The Points of Interest Search pane appears.


    The Points of Interest Search pane shows the Data Source option when a Business Analyst dataset contains more than one POI data provider. For example, if you are using the United States (Esri 2022) data source from ArcGIS Online, you can choose Data Axle, SafeGraph, or Foursquare as the Points of Interest Search data source.

  2. Under Business/Facility name or type, type a search term.

    For example, you can type coffee shop or the name of a coffee chain. You can refine your search using the following options:

    • Click Category Category. In the Category drop-down menu, select categories or search for a category and press Enter. Expand a category to view and select subcategories.
    • Click Options Color scheme options. Select Exact match to narrow the search results to exact matches only. Select Company name only to return only results that have the search term in the company/business name.
  3. Click Done.
  4. Optionally, choose another search type:
    • Select Search by code to search by NAICS or SIC codes. In the Code Type drop-down menu, select NAICS Code or SIC Code, and in the Business Code(s) drop-down menu, browse codes or type search terms to find codes. Select the code and click Add code. You can add multiple codes to your search.
    • Select Show All to search for all businesses.
  5. Expand More options to set the following:
    • The Search extent drop-down menu allows you to limit the search to the display extent or to a map layer's extent.
    • The Search limit field allows you to specify a limit on the number of businesses/POI to return. By default, a maximum of 5,000 points is returned when using ArcGIS Online as the Business Analyst data source.
  6. Click Next.

    The search results appear in the Points of Interest Search pane with options to filter the search.

  7. Refine the results using the following filtering options:
    • Using the check boxes, select single or multiple categories.
    • Expand any category and hover over an option, and click Only to deselect all other options in the category.
    • Expand numerical categories, such as Employee Count or Sales Volume/Assets ($000), to define minimum and maximum values.

      Some fields are not available for all data sources.

    • Click Reset to remove the filters you set.
  8. Visualize the results using the following options:
    • Click Preview Map to see the results on the map.
    • Click Preview Table to see the results in a tabular form.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Specify the Output name.

    A message appears indicating that the tool consumes credits when the Business Analyst data source is set to ArcGIS Online.

  11. Click Finish.

    The workflow pane closes and a point layer, showing the results of the Points of Interest Search, is added to the map.

The Points of Interest Search workflow uses the Generate Points from Business Listings tool. You can use this geoprocessing tool directly to perform the same search and build and run queries through a Python script or a model.


Points of Interest Search is not available for all countries.

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