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Business Analyst tools and data are used by organizations across public, private, and government sectors to inform location strategy and operations with spatial insights.

The language used to describe many of the features in Business Analyst often refers to terms like business, customer, or store. We've provided a brief description of how these terms can be interpreted more generally and a table with some synonyms for a range of industries.

The following are a few ways to think about businesses, stores, and customers:

  • Business or businesses—Can be interpreted as any person, organization, or entity that is providing a good or service to people, places, or organizations across the public, private, and government sectors.
  • Stores—A point, or set of points, where your good or service originates or reaches the end consumers.
  • Customers—A point or set of points that represent those individuals, places, or organizations that have accessed, received, or interacted with the good or service.

The following is a list of synonyms for stores and customers for varying industries. If you don't see yours, let us know at

IndustryStore synonymsCustomer synonyms




Real Estate (Occupiers)



Real Estate (Operators)

Asset or facility


Manufacturing and CPG

Production facility or distribution center

Distributor, wholesaler, or end consumer

Financial Services (Retail Banking)




Community center or organization

Funded programs, members, or donors

Health care

Hospital, medical office, or medical facility

Patients, doctors, or nurses


Agency or center



Nodes or substations

Customers (people or organizations)

Oil and Gas

Nodes or source

Customers (people or organizations)

Natural Resources

Source or site

Distribution points (ports, railways) or buyers

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