Set up Business Analyst data

Доступно с лицензией Business Analyst.

ArcGIS Business Analyst relies on a selected dataset to provide demographic variables, segmentation distributions, network routes, and all other data components used in tools and workflows. The Business Analyst dataset can be accessed through your ArcGIS organization, by connecting to a local dataset, or by installing the dataset. When you connect to the Business Analyst dataset, you establish access to the necessary files for local use.


The 2023 dataset can be used with any version of ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro that is in general availability or mature support. Refer to the ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro Life Cycle to view the version availability matrix.

To set up the 2023 Business Analyst dataset for use in ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro, you must download and extract the files. Once all the data is extracted, you can choose to either connect to the data directly or install the data on a local drive. Connecting to the data requires less space on your local drive. After connecting or installing, the data must be licensed.

Files and requirements

Before installing the data, close all applications on your computer and verify that your computer meets the system requirements.

The 7-Zip open source program is required to extract and automatically reassemble the Business Analyst data files. You must install 7-Zip to extract the necessary files from the downloads. If you already have 7-Zip installed, it is recommended that you install the latest version to ensure a more efficient extraction process. You can download 7-Zip from the official site:

A total of five files are downloaded, totaling 48.3 GB. Once downloaded, extracting the files results in another 48.3 GB of files, totaling 96.6 GB. Installing the extracted files then uses an additional 48.3 GB of space, as the files are copied. In total, you need 144.9 GB of free space on the drive you are using. Once installed, you can delete the 7-Zip files and install directories to free up space. If you are using ArcGIS Pro 3.0 or a more recent version, you can connect to the data instead of installing.

The following 7-Zip files are needed:

  • U.S. 2023 Dataset

    • ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update.7z.001
    • ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update.7z.002
    • ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update.7z.003
    • ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update.7z.004
    • ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update.7z.005

Download and connect to the Business Analyst dataset

You can download and install the U.S. 2023 Business Analyst dataset from My Esri or from a USB media device. To download the dataset from My Esri, complete the following steps:

  1. On the My Esri site, click My Organizations and click Downloads.
  2. In the Products section, under the All Other Products, type Business Analyst in the Quick Search text box.

    A list of Business Analyst data products is shown.

  3. Find ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro with 2023 U.S. Data and click View Downloads.
  4. On the Download Components tab, click Data and Content to expand the list of files.

    For the 2023 U.S. data, there are five files. Each must be downloaded to a folder on your local drive.

  5. Beside the first data file, ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro (or ArcMap) 2023 Data (U.S.) #1, click Download.

    The Download Manager window is launched.

  6. Click Click to download your file now.


    Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to select a location where you want the file downloaded.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the remaining four data files.
  8. Right-click ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update.7z.001 and click 7-Zip > Extract Here.

    All files in the set are extracted when the process is initiated on the first file. The ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update install directory is created upon completion of the extraction.


    You can verify that your downloaded files match the originals at the source by following the instructions in Verify an Esri download using the checksum. Matching your downloaded files to the originals ensures all files downloaded correctly, preventing potential issues.

  9. Once your data is extracted, do one of the following:
    • Connect to the dataset—Connecting to a dataset is recommended, as it saves time and space on a local drive. To connect to the dataset, follow the instructions in Connect to a connectable dataset.
    • Install the dataset on your machine—You can choose to install the dataset components to a local drive. To install the dataset, complete the next step.
  10. Run the setup installer from the ESRI_BA_2023_US_Data_Update folder to install the data components. As you click through the install process, choose one of the two installation options:
    • Typical—This is the default installation, which automatically loads Business Analyst data components to your local hard drive to a default location, C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2023\Data
    • Custom—Use the custom option if you have limited drive space on the local hard drive. This option allows you to select which data components to install and where you want to install them. You can also choose to not install any data components and run Business Analyst from the USB media or from a network location.

    The installed dataset contains the following components:

    • Demographic data
    • Businesses data
    • ArcGIS StreetMap Premium
    • Geocoding data for ArcGIS Pro

  11. Download the SDLIC license and double-click it to initiate the installation process.

License Business Analyst local data

To enable your Business Analyst local data, complete the following steps.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro as an administrator.
  2. On the ArcGIS Pro start page, click Settings Settings in the upper left corner of the application window. Alternatively, if you have a project open, click the Project tab on the ribbon.
  3. In the menu, on the left side of the application, click Licensing.
  4. Under Settings, click Manage your data licensing.
  5. Click Add and browse to where the .sdlic file is located.
  6. Select the .sdlic file and click Open.

    In the Manage Data Licenses window, a list of the Business Analyst datasets is shown.

  7. Click OK and exit the Licensing window.
  8. Restart ArcGIS Pro.

Authorize ArcGIS StreetMap Premium license

The Business Analyst dataset includes a limited license for ArcGIS StreetMap Premium for North America, which includes locators for ArcGIS Pro, the StreetMap Premium street network for the U.S., and the StreetMap Premium basemap, which can be used exclusively with Business Analyst workflows. The license included with the Business Analyst dataset does not include all features of StreetMap Premium.


Using the StreetMap Premium locators, street network, and basemap that are included with the 2023 U.S. data outside of Business Analyst workflows violates the terms of use.

Authorization files are provided on My Esri to enable the StreetMap Premium items. To enable your StreetMap Premium authorization files, perform the following steps:


StreetMap Premium appears in your My Esri downloads list to enable the authorizations. You do not need to download these files—all required geocoding files are included in the 2023 U.S. data.

  1. On the My Esri site, click My Organizations and click Licensing.
  2. In the Quick Search text box, type StreetMap Premium or streetmap.
  3. Look for StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Pro and click Details.

    A list of authorization files appears.

  4. Apply the authorizations with the ArcGIS licensing process.