Download and install product files

Product data files provide business rules and a framework for quickly becoming productive by ensuring standardization and consistency across your operations. Preconfigured databases, cartographic templates, applications, and services help you produce high-quality authoritative content that can be used to publish maps, perform analysis, and share the results throughout your organization.

The ArcGIS Bathymetry product data files include a toolbox with Bathymetric Information System (BIS) management and data tools, a BIS schema template, and optional tools for incorporating Bathymetric Attributed Grid (BAG) metadata into the BIS geodatabase. You can expand the preconfigured BIS template to create the most relevant and useful BIS geodatabase for your organization. Custom BIS metadata allows you to produce high-quality authoritative content that can be used to publish maps, perform analysis, and share the results throughout your organization. The Bathymetry web app configuration files and deployment guide are included in the installer as well.

ArcGIS Pro product data files work with the extension. Once ArcGIS Pro and the extension are installed and authorized, you can download and install the product data files.


Download options can be viewed after you sign in to My Esri.


You must have the appropriate privileges to access downloads from your My Esri account.

  1. Sign in to My Esri.
  2. Click the Downloads tab.

    A list of the latest versions for various software options appears.

  3. Click the software for which you want to download product data files.

    The expanded Product components node for the software appears. Downloadable content is organized by node.

  4. Locate your extension in the Data and content node, and click Download.

    Expand the Data and content node, if necessary.

    The product files installer download begins.


The product data files download contains the setup program.

  1. Start the extraction program you downloaded in the previous steps.
  2. Optionally, change the destination folder for the extraction.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click Close.

    The Launch the setup program check box is checked by default and starts the product files installation.


    To run the setup program later, uncheck Launch the setup program before clicking Close. Browse to the installer destination folder to open the installer (.msi file) at a later time.

  5. Click Next.
  6. Review the license agreement and accept it if you agree.
  7. Click Next.

    The setup program Destination Folder page appears with the default installation location shown: C:\Users\Public\Documents.

  8. Optionally, click Change to choose a different destination folder.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Click Install.
  11. Click Finish.

    The product files are installed to the chosen location.

  12. The Bathymetry Tools.tbx package must be added to the ArcGIS Pro toolboxes folder to add the Bathymetry tools to ArcGIS Pro. The toolbox package is a collection of files in a folder that contains geoprocessing tools.
  13. Browse to the installed product files location and open the Toolbox folder.
  14. Copy the Bathymetry Tools.tbx package to the toolboxes folder (<ArcGIS Pro installation location>\Resources\ArcToolBox\toolboxes).
  15. Start (or restart) ArcGIS Pro.
  16. Click Toolboxes in the Geoprocessing pane and confirm that the Bathymetry Tools toolbox is there.

    If the Geoprocessing pane is not open, click the Tools button Инструменты in the Geoprocessing section of the Analysis tab to open it.

Bathymetry product file folders

The ArcGIS Bathymetry product files installer contains product files used in data and map production.

The Bathymetry product files installer copies the following folders to the specified installation location (<installation_location>\ArcGIS Bathymetry\Product Files\<version>):

  • BAGSupport—Contains the BAG metadata mapping file, Add BAG Metadata Fields script, and BAG schema
  • BathyWebApp—Contains the Bathymetry web app .json files and documentation
  • Documentation—Contains Bathymetry toolbox documentation
  • Templates—Contains the BIS Catalog schema
  • Toolbox—Contains the Bathymetry toolbox