Get started with ArcGIS Bathymetry

ArcGIS Bathymetry is a system for producing and managing bathymetric data. ArcGIS Bathymetry provides tools for creating a Bathymetric Information System (BIS), creating products, and editing and exporting BIS data.

Bathymetry tools

ArcGIS Bathymetry includes the following:

  • Tools that create and manage a BIS:
    • Create BIS

      A BIS created at ArcGIS Pro 3.1 is not compatible with ArcGIS Bathymetry tools at ArcGIS Pro 3.2. A new BIS must be created with the Create BIS tool at 3.2 to use with Bathymetry tools at 3.2.

    • Add Data To BIS
    • Add Point Cloud To BIS
  • A tool that creates products and exports from BIS data: BIS To Mosaic Dataset
  • Tools that generalize soundings and bathymetric triangulated irregular network (TIN) data:

The Bathymetry toolbox, toolbox documentation, and product files are available from My Esri as an additional ArcGIS Pro download under Data and Content.

Connect with Esri

Learn more about ArcGIS Bathymetry and connect with Esri and other users on Esri Community

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