Create new associations

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The Association Manager pane allows you to create new associations from existing features.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open a new or an existing project.
  3. Add maritime data to the Contents pane, if necessary.

    The Maritime S-101 tab appears.

  4. On the Maritime S-101 tab, in the S-100 Editing group, click Association Manager Менеджер связи.

    The Association Manager pane appears; it is blank by default. You can customize the view.

  5. Click Zoom To or Pan To for features that you want include in the association.
    Zoom To and Pan To options
  6. In the Association Manager pane, click Refresh Обновить.

    The Association Manager pane is updated and the features become visible.

  7. Expand a feature class node to view the individual features.
  8. Click a selected set and identify the features that you want to associate.

    The context menu options allow you to select features in the pane.

  9. Expand an individual feature to build associations.
    Association Manager individual features
  10. Choose the type of association to create:
    • Feature Associations
    • Information Associations
  11. Click the Add button Добавить.

    The selected features are associated with the expanded feature.

    If you try to associate a feature to something it can't be associated with, the following error message appears.

    Association Manager—Error

    Review the selected set of features or the feature to which you are trying to associate them.


    Creating an association is a database edit and is saved to the active workspace.

  12. Expand the association to review the associated feature or features.
    Association Manager pane—expand added features