An overview of the Target Marketing toolset

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The Target Marketing toolset contains tools for creating customer and geographic profiles, target groups, and segmentation maps.


All tools in the Target Marketing toolset require a locally stored dataset that contains segmentation data.


Analyze Market Area Gap

Generates a layer that displays the gap between total customers and expected customers.

Analyze Market Potential

Generates a layer that displays expected customers by a selected geography level.

Create Target Group

Creates a new target group. A target group is a container for targets that you create, name, and populate with segments from a locally installed Business Analyst dataset.

Export Segmentation Profile

Exports a segmentation profile to a table.

Generate Customer Segmentation Profile

Creates a segmentation profile with an existing customer layer.

Generate Market Area Segmentation Profile

Creates a segmentation profile by summarizing segments from standard geography boundaries within the input area.

Generate Segmentation Profile Report

Creates a report that displays segments of your customers and compares them to the study area (base profile).

Generate Survey Report For Profile

Displays characteristics from the consumer survey data for your target profile to determine customer lifestyle habits and preferences.

Generate Survey Report For Targets

Displays the top characteristics, in each of the selected survey categories, of your Core and Developmental target groups, as well as your overall customer profile.

Generate Target Group Layer

Generates a layer that identifies geographies that contain selected segments and categorized groups based on targets.

Generate Target Layer

Creates a layer that identifies geographies that contain selected segments and geographies that do not contain selected segments.

Generate Target Penetration Layer

Generates a layer based on the percent of penetration of selected segments, providing a detailed view of the concentrations of your target segments.

Import Segmentation Profile

Generates a segmentation profile from a table.

Import Survey Profiles

Imports segmentation profiles consisting of survey variable data.

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