An overview of the Generalization toolset

The Generalization toolset contains tools that generalize data for different geometry types.


Eliminate Polygon

Eliminates a polygon by merging it with the polygon from the surrounding features that it shares the longest boundary with.

Export Generalized Data

Exports data generalized by the ArcGIS Production Mapping theme-based generalization models into a production schema using generalization rules defined in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Fill Gaps

Fills gaps between polygon features that participate in a topology where the coincident boundaries are evident.

Identify Narrow Polygons

Splits a polygon based on its width and classifies each portion as narrow or wide based on its width and length.

Import Generalization Data

Imports data from a production schema to a themed generalization database using generalization rules defined in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Polygon To Centerline

Creates centerlines from polygon features. This tool is useful for creating centerlines from hydrographic polygons for use at smaller scales.

Remove Small Lines

Removes lines that are shorter than a specified minimum length and do not connect to other features on one end.

Set Line Direction

Sets the direction of line segments to match the slope direction of underlying elevation features. The direction of a line is used by some of the generalization and cartography tools.

Thin Hydrology Lines

Generates a simplified hydrographic line network for display at a smaller scale. The resulting hydrographic network maintains the main arteries while thinning less significant features based on hierarchy, length, and spacing between features.

Tools in the Generalization toolset

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