Manage long name (LNAM)

获得 Maritime Charting 许可后可用。

Long name (LNAM) is a required object identifier that is a concatenation of the Producing Agency (AGEN), Feature Identification Number (FIDN), and Feature Identification Subdivision (FIDS) components.

These three subcomponents are used for every feature created in the database to uniquely identify each feature in an exported product.


The Username, Agency, and FIDS fields must be set before features can be created. An S-57 or S-100 geodatabase must also exist.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. From the View tab, open the Catalog and Contents panes.
  3. From the Catalog pane, expand the geodatabase and add the EditingProperties table to the Contents pane.
  4. Right-click the EditingProperties table.
  5. 单击打开
  6. The EditingProperties table appears.

    By default, the first row of the table contains the Username of the person who imported the S-100 Feature Catalogue or S-57 workspace XML. This can be kept as is or modified if necessary.

  7. Press Tab twice to browse to the Agency field. Click the drop-down arrow in the Agency column to select the agency name.

    EditingProperties table

    This field value cannot be null.

  8. Press Tab and enter a numeric value for FIDS, or you can accept the default value.

    Each user name can have an independent FIDS value, but that field cannot be null. The FIDS range must be between 1 and 65534.

  9. Press Tab, and then press Enter to add additional user names by typing a user name in a new row.

    The Agency and FIDS fields automatically populate from the first row, or you can modify by browsing to them.

    Repeat step 8 to add more user names.

  10. Click the Edit tab.
  11. 单击保存