Verify selected features

获得 Maritime Charting 许可后可用。

The Verify Selected tool changes the verified field value from Not Verified to Verified for the currently selected set of features. If the tool is used in an NIS or checkout replica schema, the value of the NIS_Verified field is set to Verified for all selected features. In all other database types, the tool changes the value of the Verified state field to Verified for the selected set of features.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open a new or an existing project.
  3. If necessary, add maritime data to the Contents pane.

    The Maritime tab appears.

  4. On the map frame, select the features you want to verify.
  5. On the Maritime tab, in the S-57 Editing group, click the Verify Selected button 验证选定项 to batch verify all edits.
  6. To verify individual edits, use the Attributes pane to browse through the selected features
  7. Set the NIS_verified attribute to Verified to confirm the edit.

    This attribute also has an alias name of NIS Verified State.

  8. 单击保存

You can use Select Unverified to select all the features in your workspace that are not verified.