Add Business Analyst Web App Sites

获得 Business Analyst 许可后可用。

You can access your organization's content created in the Business Analyst Web App within the Business Analyst extension. This allows for flexibility and collaboration across Business Analyst apps and the ArcGIS Platform. The Add Business Analyst Web App Sites workflow feature allows you to add whole projects or individual sites into ArcGIS Pro. You can perform additional analysis in ArcGIS Pro for any site, such as Enrich Layer on a standard geography or running a threshold drive time against a point site.

Business Analyst Web App uses the term sites to refer to contents in a web app project. A project is a group of layers in a portal that helps you centralize and organize your work. Sites are classified into categories, such as point locations, polygons, and geographies.

The following are a few site category examples:

  • Point Locations—Geocoded addresses, pinned locations plus associated buffers such as a drive time, businesses, and so forth.
  • Polygons—Custom boundaries, hand-drawn areas, rings, and so forth.
  • Geographies—Administrative boundaries, city limits, counties, provinces, and so forth.

Add Business Analyst Web App Sites preserves the symbology and structure of these layers within ArcGIS Pro. For example, drive-time buffers are maintained and are associated with their point locations. The layers added to ArcGIS Pro are feature services hosted in your portal.


To use this workflow, you must be signed in to a portal that contains Business Analyst Web App projects.

To add web app sites in ArcGIS Pro, on the Analysis tab, in the Workflows group, click Business Analysis and click Add Business Analyst App Sites Add Business Analyst Web App Sites.

  • The Add Sites dialog box allows you to select any project available in your organization, either My Projects or Shared Projects.
  • By default, you can only select whole project site categories. For example, all Point Locations or all Polygons.
  • You can add individual site features from any classification by ensuring the Select individual sites toggle button is set to on. The limit is five individual sites.