Remove unnecessary notes

获得 ArcGIS Maritime 许可后可用。

The Remove Unnecessary Notes tool reduces the size of a geodatabase by removing redundant occurrences of a note, as well as unnecessary note join entries.

Complete the following steps to run the tool:

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro.
  2. Open a new or existing project.
  3. Add maritime data to the Contents pane, if necessary.

    The Maritime VPF tab appears.

  4. Select the features from which you want to remove unnecessary notes.
  5. On the Maritime VPF tab, in the VPF group, click Notes Editor Notes Editor.

    The Notes Editor pane appears.

    Notes Editor pane with selected features in the tree view


    If no features were selected, the tree view in the Notes Editor pane is blank.

  6. Right-click the geodatabase that you are working with in the tree view and click Remove Unnecessary Notes 移除.
    Notes Editor pane with the Remove Unnecessary Notes option

    The Remove Unnecessary Notes tool analyzes the geodatabase and removes unnecessary notes and note join entries for the selected features.

    An Info dialog box appears with the results of the Remove Unnecessary Notes tool's analysis.

    Success message detailing removed notes and note join entries

  7. Click OK.