An overview of the Business Analyst toolbox

获得 Business Analyst 许可后可用。

Business Analyst 工具箱包含执行 GIS 操作的工具集,这对于市场分析而言至关重要。 使用此工具箱中的工具,您可以执行人口统计报告、查看客户和竞争对手的分布情况、确定关键贸易区域以及可视化数据变量。



The Analysis toolset contains tools to evaluate demographic attributes of market areas, customer distributions, stores, and facility networks.


The Modeling toolset contains tools to generate market share and sales forecast model outputs based on the Huff model.


The Reports toolset contains tools that create and import reports and templates based on standard demographic or custom data. Use these tools for market ranking and geographic analysis, site location, customer distribution, and standard demographic reports.

Statistical Data Collections

The Statistical Data Collections toolset contains a tool to set how your data is apportioned, aggregated, and shared.

Suitability Analysis

The Suitability Analysis toolset contains a set of tools that allow you to identify the most suitable sites from a set of candidates, as defined by applying a set of individually weighted criteria.

Target Marketing

The Target Marketing toolset contains tools for creating customer and geographic profiles, target groups, and segmentation maps.

Trade Areas

The Trade Areas toolset contains tools to build trade areas. Trade areas are used to analyze market areas and can be constructed to satisfy a variety of methods, including customer and competitor locations, administrative boundaries, street networks and distance, and demographic factors.