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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about ArcGIS Pro are listed for reference.

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What are the system requirements for ArcGIS Pro?

View the system requirements.


ArcGIS Pro is supported on Windows 10 starting at version 1.1.1 and is not supported on Windows XP or Vista.

How do I know if I can install ArcGIS Pro?

ArcGIS Pro is part of ArcGIS Desktop, and customers who are current on maintenance for ArcGIS Desktop can install ArcGIS Pro. If you don't currently have ArcGIS Desktop, you can get a free trial.

Can ArcGIS Pro be installed on a machine with ArcMap?

Yes, you can install ArcGIS Pro on the same machine as ArcMap and other ArcGIS Desktop applications, or on a machine without ArcMap or any other Esri products.

Do I need to have the most current version of ArcMap before I can install ArcGIS Pro?

No, you can install ArcGIS Pro on a machine that has any version of ArcMap, or on a machine without any Esri products. However, you can only install one version of ArcGIS Pro per machine.

Do I need to uninstall ArcGIS Pro before installing the current release if I have a previously installed version?

You do not need to uninstall the previous version of ArcGIS Pro before installing the latest release. However, if you have installed any language packs for the previous version of ArcGIS Pro, it is recommended that you uninstall all ArcGIS Pro language packs before installing ArcGIS Pro. Remember, only one version of ArcGIS Pro can be installed on a machine at a time, so by installing a new version, the old version is overwritten.

Can ArcGIS Pro be installed on a machine with a localized operating system?

Yes, although it is strongly recommended that you accept the default installation location and not install to a path with Unicode characters. If you receive the message Error 1324, The path ???????? contains an invalid character when installing or uninstalling, contact Esri Technical Support. An analyst can provide you with a .reg file to import on your machine. Double-click the .reg file and uninstall ArcGIS Pro.

How do I update ArcGIS Pro?

You will receive update notification messages in ArcGIS Pro when a new version is available for installation. These notifications are not to be confused with an automatic update. When you click the message, the About page appears, where you can learn more about the update and choose to begin the download.

Where do I go to download ArcGIS Pro?

If you're current on maintenance for ArcGIS Desktop, you can download ArcGIS Pro and any optional setups from My Esri. If you don't have ArcGIS Desktop, you can sign up for a free trial and follow the links provided in your email to download ArcGIS Pro.

Is ArcGIS Pro supported in virtualized environments?

Yes, ArcGIS Pro is supported in virtual environments. You can learn more about which environments are supported by reviewing the ArcGIS Pro system requirements.

Can I run ArcGIS Pro on more than one machine?

The answer depends on the licensing model you're using:

  • When connected to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise with a Named User account, you can log in on up to three machines at the same time. If you're disconnected and have your license set to work offline, you can work with the one machine that has been taken offline.
  • One Single Use license can be used to authorize two machines.
  • Concurrent Use licenses allow authorization of one machine per license.

As an administrator, is it possible to block update notifications in ArcGIS Pro so that end-users are unable to install updates from within the application?

Yes, it is possible to do so by making changes to the Windows Registry as explained in this Esri Support article. These changes prevent ArcGIS Pro from searching for updates, block notification messages that appear to users on startup, and hide updates otherwise listed on the About page inside the application.

Can I get ArcGIS Pro if I don't have a license for ArcGIS Desktop?

No, ArcGIS Pro is part of ArcGIS Desktop, and only customers who are current on maintenance for ArcGIS Desktop or signed up for an ArcGIS trial will be able to authorize ArcGIS Pro. If you are not current on maintenance, you will not have access to ArcGIS Pro. Find out how to get back on maintenance at the Esri Maintenance Program page.

How do I get Concurrent Use or Single Use licenses for ArcGIS Pro?

By default, ArcGIS Pro is licensed by Named User. To authorize ArcGIS Pro with Concurrent Use or Single Use licenses, you can convert your Named User licenses through My Esri. However, the Concurrent Use License type is available only to customers who already have Concurrent Use licenses of ArcGIS Desktop current on maintenance.

If I choose to use the Named User license, but later go off maintenance and my Named User account expires, can I still switch my Named User license to Concurrent Use or Single Use?

Yes, you will be able to provision the Concurrent Use or Single Use licenses through My Esri, and continue to use the software and access projects. However, you will no longer receive updates to the software. You can choose to get back on maintenance at any time at the Esri Maintenance Program page.

If I provision my ArcGIS Pro license as Concurrent Use or Single Use, can I later switch back to Named User?

Reverse conversion is currently not available in My Esri. If you convert your Named User licenses to Concurrent Use or Single Use and want to go back to Named User, you must contact Esri Customer Service or your distributor.

As an administrator, if I decide to convert all of my ArcGIS Pro Named User licenses to Concurrent Use, but some users have taken their Named User licenses offline, what happens?

You will be able to provision the licenses, but you will need to notify the users that the offline license has been converted and they must update their license to Concurrent Use. Failure to do so will result in violation of the terms of the License Agreement.

If I have licensed ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Enterprise, can I provision my licenses to Concurrent Use or Single Use?

Yes, this conversion is possible, but it will require a call to Esri Customer Service and a Certificate of Destruction to be submitted since the licenses are already provisioned to ArcGIS Enterprise. The licenses will then be reverted to the default, Named User license, and you will be able to allocate the licenses as Concurrent Use or Single Use. If you want to convert licenses, it is recommended that you do this at the time of renewal of your ArcGIS Desktop maintenance.

Can I change the assigned user of ArcGIS Pro from one user to another?

Yes. If you are using the default Named User licensing, you can use ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise to assign, revoke, and reassign ArcGIS Pro and extensions to named users. Administrators can also see how many ArcGIS Pro licenses are available, to whom they have been assigned, and the last time a user logged in to ArcGIS Pro.

As an administrator, how do I assign licenses for ArcGIS Pro?

You can learn how to assign ArcGIS Pro licenses in the Assign Named User licenses in ArcGIS Online help topic.

Are ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro licenses authorized using the same License Manager?

Yes. You can use the same License Manager to authorize and manage ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro licenses.

Does ArcGIS Pro use the same licenses as ArcMap?

No, you must authorize both ArcGIS Pro licenses and ArcMap licenses in order to use both ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap. If you are using Concurrent Use licensing for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, you can manage both license types with the same License Manager.

If I have a Concurrent Use or Single Use license, can I access ArcGIS Online maps and services in ArcGIS Pro?

Yes. However, a Named User account is required to access ArcGIS Online maps and services, as well as to publish content you've created with ArcGIS Pro to the web. Even if your license is authorized with a Concurrent Use or Single Use license, you must be signed in to your portal with your Named User account. If you are on maintenance, you receive one Named User account for every ArcGIS Desktop license you have on maintenance.

As a user, how do I start a session in ArcGIS Pro?

When you start ArcGIS Pro for the first time, a Sign In dialog box appears for you to log in with your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise credentials. If you are using a license other than the default Named User license, contact your administrator to get your License Manager host name, or authorization number, depending on which type of license you will use.

Can I take my ArcGIS Pro license offline?

Yes. If you have a Named User or Concurrent Use license, you can take your license offline on the Licensing tab in ArcGIS Pro. Single Use licenses are enabled for working offline by default, because they are authorized on each machine individually.

I'm trying to take my license back online, but the option is unavailable. How do I enable it?

To return an offline license back to your licensing portal, you must be signed in to the organization that checked out the license. On the Project tab, click Portals, find the portal with the gray key symbol (your licensing portal), and right-click it. Click Sign in and provide your credentials. Return to the Licensing page. The Authorize ArcGIS Pro to work offline check box is enabled. Check the box to return the offline license to your licensing portal, and provide your credentials when prompted.

How do I change my licensing portal?

Start ArcGIS Pro, and in the Sign In window, click Configure your licensing options. If you are already signed in to a portal, sign out and restart the application to open the Sign In window. On the Licensing dialog box, select your licensing portal, provide the portal URL, and click OK. Restart ArcGIS Pro for your change to take effect, and provide your credentials at login.

How can I find out which ArcGIS Pro licenses have been assigned to me?

In ArcGIS Pro, click the Project tab. Click Licensing to view your license level and extensions.

How do I remove ArcGIS Online ( from my list of portals?

Start the application and click the Portals tab. In the list of portals, hover over the name of the portal you want to remove, and click Remove Remove. If you have licensed ArcGIS Pro as a named user, you cannot remove a portal that is assigned as your licensing portal. Learn more about managing portal connections from ArcGIS Pro.

How do I change the default location for creating and storing new projects in ArcGIS Pro?

Start the application and click the Project tab. Click Options, click General, and select Create new projects in another local or network folder. Browse to the desired folder, and click Select.

How do I access the help if I decide to work offline?

If you have installed the offline help, click the Project tab in ArcGIS Pro. Click Options, click General, and select the Offline help from your computer option.

How do I change default settings?

You can change default settings on the Project tab. Click the Project tab and click Options. On the Options dialog box, you can change default settings for your current project or the default settings of future projects.

Can I change the theme for ArcGIS Pro?

Yes, there are two themes available for ArcGIS Pro, light and dark theme. You can change your application theme on the Options dialog box, on the General tab.

How do I remove recent projects from the start page?

Right-click the name of the project you want to remove, and click Remove From List.

Is there a way to set my folder and database connections so I don't have to do it manually for each project?

Yes, one way to do this is by adding your connections to your list of project favorites. Alternatively, you can create a project template that includes connections to databases and folders, from which new projects can be created.

Why is the Add Data button in ArcGIS Pro unavailable in my new project?

Adding a map or scene to your project will enable the Add Data button on the Map tab. You can add a blank map or scene from the Insert tab.

Can I use personal geodatabases (.mdb) as data sources for ArcGIS Pro?

No. Personal geodatabases are not supported in ArcGIS Pro, so you cannot use personal geodatabase datasets as inputs for geoprocessing tools or create those datasets as outputs. File geodatabases are fully supported and are the default workspaces for ArcGIS Pro projects.

Is the 3D Analyst extension required for ArcGIS Pro to work with 3D maps and layouts?

No. If you don't have this extension, you can still navigate, author, edit, and share 3D maps. The 3D Analyst extension is only required for performing 3D analysis. If you want to run geoprocessing tools in the 3D Analyst toolbox, you need the 3D Analyst extension.

Is it possible to add Bing basemaps to ArcGIS Pro?

Yes; however, to use Bing basemaps, you must have a Bing Maps Key.

How do I create a new ArcGIS Pro map without a basemap?

New maps in ArcGIS Pro open with the default basemap of your ArcGIS Online organization. To create new maps with no basemap, click the Project tab and click Options. On the Options dialog box, click Map and Scene. Under Basemap, select None. When you return to your project, add a new map on the Insert tab. No basemap appears.

Will my ArcObjects application built for ArcMap work in ArcGIS Pro?

No, ArcGIS Pro has a brand-new .NET API, and the functionality and workflows in many instances are different from what exists in ArcMap. The new API was built using ArcObjects; however, ArcObjects is not being exposed directly.

Will Python scripts and toolboxes written for ArcMap work in ArcGIS Pro?

Usually, yes. ArcGIS Pro uses Python 3.x, while other applications in ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server use Python 2.x. Despite some significant differences between these versions of Python, many geoprocessing scripts can be used as-is in both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. You can read about Python migration for ArcGIS Pro, and use the Analyze Tools For Pro geoprocessing tool to analyze a script or toolbox for necessary updates.

Are all the geoprocessing tools from ArcMap in ArcGIS Pro?

The majority of geoprocessing tools that are available in ArcMap are also available and working in ArcGIS Pro. However, some tools are not yet available in ArcGIS Pro. Some tools have not yet been updated to work in ArcGIS Pro, but they will be available in a future release. Other tools process a dataset that is not supported in ArcGIS Pro, so they will never be available.

Will models built in previous versions of ArcMap work in ArcGIS Pro?

Yes, most of the time. However, if a tool in the model is not yet available in ArcGIS Pro, the model will not work. You may need to wait until that tool is available in a future release of ArcGIS Pro, or you can remove the tool and try to find a workaround. Additionally, if a tool in the model has changed in ArcGIS Pro, the model will not work until you update the model (open the model in ArcGIS Pro, validate, and save). Refer to a tool's help page to determine what needs to be changed for the tool to work in ArcGIS Pro. One common issue is that the Calculate Field tool has changed to support only Python expressions.

Can I run models that I build in ArcGIS Pro in ArcMap?

No, models that are built new, or opened and saved in ArcGIS Pro, cannot be directly used in ArcMap. However, you can save the containing toolbox as a previous version (10.4, 10.3, and so on) and use that toolbox in ArcMap. It's safest to make a copy of the original toolbox before modifying any models in ArcGIS Pro.

Can I use my maps from ArcMap in ArcGIS Pro?

Yes, map documents (.mxd), scenes (.sxd), and globes (.3DD) can be imported into ArcGIS Pro. Once in ArcGIS Pro, these can be saved as projects (.aprx). An ArcGIS Pro project cannot be opened in ArcMap. However, the data used by the application can be accessed by either ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro through the geodatabase, so there can be collaboration at a data level. Services published using ArcGIS Pro can be used and shared with ArcMap. Also, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro can run side by side on the same machine, so it is possible to use both applications for accessing and working with local data and online services.

How do I share a map authored in ArcGIS Pro with someone using ArcMap?

You cannot export a map in ArcGIS Pro as a map document (.mxd). However, if you are using geodatabases, shapefiles, or other supported formats, the data can be shared between applications, and maps can be published as services from ArcGIS Pro and shared with someone using ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, or ArcGIS Enterprise.

Can I use my licensed ArcGIS Desktop extensions with ArcGIS Pro?

Yes. Since ArcGIS Pro is part of ArcGIS Desktop, you are licensed to use the same extensions for ArcGIS Pro as you are with ArcMap (as available). The following extensions are available for ArcGIS Pro: ArcGIS Business Analyst, Production Mapping, Aviation Charting, ArcGIS Image Analyst, Defense Mapping, ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension, ArcGIS Network Analyst extension, ArcGIS Workflow Manager for Desktop, ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension for Desktop , and ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop. The extension licenses for ArcGIS Pro are managed using the same method you have chosen for your ArcGIS Pro license.

I imported a map document (.mxd) with multiple data frames, but I only see one. Where did they go?

When you import a map document (.mxd), all files are imported if possible, but only one of the data frames opens in the project. All of your data frames are imported as maps and are added to the Catalog pane under Maps.

Where did my ArcMap styles go?

Many ArcMap styles have been retired and are not included in ArcGIS Pro as system styles, but you can still access them. To add a style to your project, on the Insert tab, in the Styles group, click the Add drop-down menu and Add System Style. Many styles have been converted to ArcGIS Pro *.stylx format and placed on ArcGIS Online at Esri Styles. In the Catalog pane, under the Portal tab, click All Portal All Portal and search for stylx to find all available style files.

How do I start an edit session in ArcGIS Pro?

There is no need to start an edit session in ArcGIS Pro, because editing is always enabled. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab to find tools for editing.

Are there videos I can watch to get started?

Yes, the ArcGIS Pro playlist on YouTube has videos on a variety of subjects for a wide audience.

Does Esri provide training for ArcGIS Pro?

Yes. Esri provides a number of free and paid training options for ArcGIS Pro. Visit the Esri training catalog to find the course that fits your needs. Free training through tutorials is also available at

How can I connect with the ArcGIS Pro community?

The ArcGIS Pro Space on Esri's GeoNet discussion forums is a great place to connect with other users, ask questions, and share ideas. To connect with the ArcGIS Pro development team, check out the ArcGIS Pro blogs. You'll find news about upcoming releases, tips to improve your workflow, and articles that boost your know-how.

How do I submit enhancement ideas or report bugs?

You can submit ideas for enhancements to ArcGIS Pro through ArcGIS Ideas. To report a bug, you can submit a case through Esri Technical Support.

Who do I contact with questions if I'm an administrator?

Contact Esri Customer Service or your account manager for licensing questions. Contact Esri Technical Support for technical assistance.

Who do I contact with questions if I'm a Primary Maintenance Contact?

Contact your account manager for licensing questions. Contact Esri Customer Service for help with setups.