ArcGIS Pro help

ArcGIS Pro is the essential application for creating and working with spatial data on your desktop. It provides tools to visualize, analyze, compile, and share your data.

Create projects

ArcGIS Pro organizes your GIS work into projects. A project can contain maps, scenes, layouts, reports, charts, and other representations of spatial and nonspatial data. A project also contains connections to data resources such as system folders, databases, toolboxes, servers, styles, and your active portal.

Map and visualize your data

You can map your data in 2D and 3D with ArcGIS Pro.

Perform analysis and geoprocessing

Geoprocessing provides a suite of tools for performing spatial analysis and managing GIS data in an automated way. Use ArcGIS Pro to analyze your data, manage GIS data, and build tools to automate your work or solve complex problems.

  • When you find the right geoprocessing tool, specify input and output dataset locations, adjust additional parameters that affect the process, and run the tool.
  • ArcGIS Pro has many built-in tools, and you can create custom tools.
  • Use ModelBuilder to create a diagram or model of your spatial analysis or data management process.
  • Automate your analysis, data conversion, data management, and mapping work by writing scripts with Python and the ArcPy site package.
  • Add extension products to get additional analytical capabilities, including network, spatial, and geostatistical functions.

Manage and edit your data

With ArcGIS Pro, you can create and edit many types of features, including cities, buildings, roads, forests, rivers, mountains, and any other spatial phenomena, and integrate data from many sources into your project. You can visualize the layers you are editing in 2D and 3D so that you can see them from all perspectives.

Use tasks to streamline your work

Through tasks, a GIS administrator can develop a series of steps that users can follow to ensure that work is executed based on standards in your organization. A task is a set of preconfigured steps that guide you and others through a workflow or business process.

  • Build tasks to perform any function in ArcGIS Pro.
  • Task steps can be performed manually—such as a checklist—or automatically. You can make steps required or optional.
  • Record your actions to author a set of steps in a task.

Share your work

Sharing your work is an important part of ArcGIS Pro. You can share everything from complete projects to maps, layers, and other components.

  • To collaborate with others, you can create project templates to use as a starting point for new projects, or you can share your projects to ArcGIS Online and your portal.
  • Web maps can be reused in ArcGIS Pro and other ArcGIS apps, including in browsers and mobile devices.
  • Sharing by packaging creates a compressed file containing GIS data. Packaging is how you share complete projects or layers with others.
  • Before you share your content, ArcGIS Pro can analyze your work to check for errors, issues, or recommendations for performance improvements. If ArcGIS Pro finds anything, you'll get a notification with a link to a help topic containing information on how to fix the issue.
  • After you've created a map or layout, you may want to share it as a file or print it. You can export to several industry-standard file formats.

Access learning resources

The start page provides resources to help you learn ArcGIS Pro.

Learning Resources button on the start page

Learning resources include the following:

  • Quick-start tutorials focus on essential workflows such as creating projects, symbolizing map layers, and making layouts.
  • Discovery paths curate thematically related lessons, stories, articles, and videos.
  • What's New summarizes functionality added at the latest product release.
  • More Tutorials include guided lessons that offer solutions to a diverse assortment of real-world problems.
  • ArcGIS Blog includes timely product announcements, how-to articles, and technical updates from Esri product engineers.
  • Help is your entry point to the ArcGIS Pro product documentation.
  • Esri Academy provides self-study and instructor-led courses, training seminars, learning videos, and more.
  • Esri Community is the site where you connect with other users, ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate to solve problems.
  • Resources collected under the Coming from ArcMap heading help you make the transition to ArcGIS Pro.