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ArcGIS Pro quick-start tutorials

The ArcGIS Pro quick-start tutorials introduce you to many aspects of ArcGIS Pro. They cover basic operations, such as adding data and navigating in 3D, as well as complete workflows, such as making map layouts and analysis models.

About the tutorials

The tutorials vary in length from 10 to 45 minutes and include a short preview video. Here are a few of the things you'll do as you learn ArcGIS Pro:

Collage of tutorial images
Top: Share a map of hiking trails to ArcGIS Online in Share a web map. Lower left: Make a population heat map in Symbolize map layers. Lower right: Visualize potential flooding in 3D in Add data to a project.

ArcGIS Pro software is required for the tutorials. If you already have ArcGIS Pro, update your software to ArcGIS Pro 2.2, if necessary, for the best experience. If you don't have ArcGIS Pro, you can sign up for an ArcGIS Pro free trial.

It's recommended that you follow the tutorials in order, especially if you're a new GIS user. Each tutorial can be done independently; however, common operations are described in more detail in the first tutorials.

Access the quick-start tutorials

Most of the tutorials use project packages that you open from ArcGIS Pro. Each tutorial explains how to find and open the project package you need. You must have an active portal connection to ArcGIS Online, where the packages are stored.

If you don't have an active portal connection to ArcGIS Online—for example, if you're connected to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal or in a disconnected environment—you can download the project packages from the links below when circumstances allow. When you start the tutorial, open the project package from your computer instead of from your portal.


If you start a tutorial and don't get any search results for the project package, make sure you have an active portal connection to ArcGIS Online. To confirm this, from the ArcGIS Pro start page, click About ArcGIS Pro and click Portals. (Alternatively, from an open project, click the Project tab and click Portals.)

Portal connections
The active portal has a check mark.

If your active portal is either or the URL of your ArcGIS Online organization, you have an appropriate connection. For information on how to add and change portal connections, see Manage portal connections from ArcGIS Pro.

If you have an appropriate portal connection and still don't get search results, make sure you are typing your keywords in the search box at the top of the Open Project dialog box (not in the Name box at the bottom).

Under the search box, make sure that the Search The Active Portal button Search The Active Portal is selected. Otherwise, your search may be restricted to the contents of your ArcGIS Online organization.

Open Project dialog box

Beyond the quick-start tutorials

You can find more tutorials on special topics in the ArcGIS Pro help system.

The Learn ArcGIS site is a collection of lessons that use ArcGIS software in real-world situations. From the Lesson Gallery, you can filter by product to show lessons that use ArcGIS Pro.

Applied analysis case studies are in-depth analysis projects that provide scenarios, data, and workflows to solve complex problems. Solutions are typically outlined for different software applications, including ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and ArcGIS Online.

The Esri Training Catalog has a variety of learning resources, including instructor-led courses, web courses, training seminars, and videos. On the Catalog tab, under Find Training, enter the keyword ArcGIS Pro in the search box. You can also filter by free training.