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Quick Access Toolbar options

In ArcGIS Pro, the Quick Access Toolbar above the ribbon has buttons to save and open your project, undo and redo changes, and create a new project.

Quick Access Toolbar

To set Quick Access Toolbar options, click the Project tab and click Options. On the Options dialog box, click Quick Access Toolbar.

Add and remove commands

You can add and remove commands on the Quick Access Toolbar tab of the Optionsdialog box. The first column shows all available items, and the second column shows the items that are currently displayed on the Quick Access Toolbar.

Under Choose commands from, you can use the drop-down menu to filter the commands shown in the first column. You can choose from List of tabs, All Commands, or Geoprocessing Tools. The All Commands and Geoprocessing Tools modes provide a search box to quickly find a specific command or tool.

To add an item to the Quick Access Toolbar, click the command in the first column and click Add. The command will be added to the second column and will appear on the Quick Access Toolbar.

To remove a command from the Quick Access Toolbar, select it in the second column and click Remove.

Add a tab to the Quick Access Toolbar

Commands can also be added and removed from the Quick Access Toolbar by right-clicking a button on the ribbon.

Add a tool to the Quick Access Toolbar

Rearrange commands

To reorder items on the Quick Access Toolbar, select a command in the second column, and press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to change the order in which the command appears.

Reset to default

Click Reset to restore the Quick Access Toolbar to its default state.

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