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Tools that are not available in ArcGIS Pro

Some geoprocessing tools that are available in other ArcGIS Desktop applications are not available in ArcGIS Pro. Geoprocessing tools which process data formats that are not supported in ArcGIS Pro have been removed and cannot be used within the application, from Python, or ModelBuilder.

In addition to reviewing this list, use the Analyze script and model tools for ArcGIS Pro compatibility geoprocessing option, or the Analyze Tools For Pro geoprocessing tool to determine what changes are necessary to run your Python scripts or ModelBuilder tools.

Toolboxes not available in ArcGIS Pro

The following toolboxes and all tools contained within them are not available in ArcGIS Pro. These toolboxes and tools continue to be available in the other ArcGIS Desktop applications.

  • Coverage Tools
  • Parcel Fabric Tools
  • Schematics Tools
  • Tracking Analyst Tools

In addition to the tools contained within the toolboxes above, there are many tools in various toolboxes that are not available in ArcGIS Pro. They are listed below by the toolbox you would find them in other ArcGIS Desktop applications. These tools continue to be available in the other ArcGIS Desktop applications.

3d Analyst Tools

  • Export To 3D Web Scene

Cartography Tools

  • Add Representations
  • Calculate Adjacent Fields
  • Calculate Central Meridian And Parallels
  • Calculate Grid Convergence Angle
  • Calculate Representation Rule
  • Calculate UTM Zone
  • Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline
  • Contour Annotation
  • Delete Grids And Graticules
  • Drop Representation
  • Make Grids and Graticules Layer
  • Map Server Cache Tiling Scheme to Polygons
  • Remove Override
  • Select Feature By Override
  • Set Layer Representation
  • Set Representation Control Point At Intersect
  • Set Representation Control Point By Angle
  • Strip Map Index Features
  • Tiled Labels to Annotation
  • Update Override

Conversion Tools

  • Copy Runtime Geodatabase to File Geodatabase
  • Esri Metadata Translator
  • Export Metadata
  • Export Metadata Multiple
  • Feature Class To Coverage
  • Import CAD Annotation
  • Import Coverage Annotation
  • Import From E00
  • Import Metadata
  • Map To KML
  • Metadata Importer
  • Metadata Publisher
  • Raster To Video
  • Synchronize Metadata
  • Upgrade Metadata
  • USGS MP Metadata Translator
  • Validate Metadata
  • Validate Metadata multiple
  • XML Schema Validation
  • XSLT Transformation

Data Management Tools

  • Add Edge-Edge Connectivity Rule To Geometric Network
  • Add Edge-Junction Connectivity Rule To Geometry Network
  • Append Annotation Feature Classes
  • Compare Replica Schema
  • Consolidate Result
  • Copy Raster Catalog Items
  • Create ArcInfo Workspace
  • Create ArcSDE Connection File
  • Create Geometric Network
  • Create Personal GDB
  • Create Raster Catalog
  • Create Replica
  • Create Replica Footprints
  • Create Replica From Server
  • Create Runtime Content
  • Delete Raster Catalog Items
  • Export Acknowledgement Message
  • Export Data Change Message
  • Export Raster Catalog Paths
  • Export Replica Schema
  • Find Disconnected Features in Geometric Network
  • Import Message
  • Import Replica Schema
  • Make Graph
  • Make Raster Catalog Layer
  • Raster Catalog To Raster Dataset
  • Rebuild Geometric Network
  • Remove Connectivity Rule From Geometric Network
  • Remove Empty Feature Class From Geometric Network
  • Repair Raster Catalog Paths
  • Re-Export Unacknowledged Messages
  • Save Graph
  • Set Flow Direction
  • Synchronize Changes
  • Trace Geometric Network
  • Update Annotation Feature Class
  • Upgrade Spatial Reference
  • Verify And Repair Geometric Network Connectivity
  • Workspace To Raster Catalog

Network Analyst Tools

  • Find Closest Facilities
  • Find Routes
  • Generate Service Areas
  • Make Vehicle Routing Problem Layer
  • Solve Location-Allocation
  • Update Traffic Data
  • Update Traffic Incidents

Server Tools

  • Convert Map Server Cache Storage Format
  • Create Map Server Cache
  • Delete Globe Server Cache
  • Manage Globe Server Cache Tiles
  • MXD to Web Map
  • Sign In To Portal
  • Sign Out From Portal
  • Upgrade Map Server Cache Storage Format