Convert airport sign labels to annotation

Mit der Aviation Airports-Lizenz verfügbar.

You can convert AirportSign feature class labels to annotation using the Convert Labels to Annotation tool. Annotation provides a more precise placement of individual features than label classes do. By creating feature-linked annotation, you can edit your AirportSign features and keep your AirportSign annotation updated.

The Convert Labels to Annotation tool outputs a new feature-linked annotation feature class containing classes corresponding to the label classes in the source AirportSign feature class.

  1. In the Contents pane, click the List By Labeling button Nach Beschriftung auflisten.
    Ensure that the AirportSign layer is checked along with its FRONT and BACK label classes.
  2. In the Labeling group under the Map tab, click the Convert Labels to Annotation button Beschriftungen in Annotation konvertieren.

    The Convert Labels to Annotation dialog box appears.

  3. Set the Input Map parameter to the map containing the AirportSign layer with the label classes that need to be converted.
  4. Set the Conversion Scale value to the annotation reference scale.
  5. Click the Convert drop-down arrow and choose Single Layer.
  6. Click the Feature Layer drop-down arrow and choose the source AirportSign layer.
  7. Set the Output Geodatabase parameter to the geodatabase containing the source AirportSign feature class.
  8. In the Annotation Suffix parameter, type a text string to be appended to the AirportSign layer name to create the name of the output annotation feature class.

    The default is Anno.

  9. Specify an extent or click the Extent drop-down arrow and choose an option.
  10. If only the labeled features should generate annotation, ensure that the Convert unplaced labels to unplaced annotation check box is not checked. This is the default.

    If checked, the unplaced labels are converted to unplaced annotation and stored in the annotation feature class. The Status field for these annotations is set to Unplaced.

  11. Optionally, check the Require symbols to be selected from the symbol table check box to only allow edits to symbol properties that enable annotation features to keep referencing their associated text symbol in the collection.

    If you don't check this check box, any text symbol can be edited. This is the default.

  12. Optionally, check the Create feature-linked annotation check box.

    This parameter is only available with ArcGIS Desktop Standard and ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses.

    The Create annotation when new features are added and Update annotation when feature's shape is modified check boxes appear and are checked by default.


    Feature-linked annotation may introduce editing limitations in your geodatabase.

  13. Provide a name for the group layer with the new feature-linked annotation that is added to the map.

    Optionally, accept the default, GroupAnno.

  14. Click Run.