What is Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro?

Available with Business Analyst license.

Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro is an extension to ArcGIS that is used for a variety of market analytics, including customer and competitor analysis, and site evaluation. You have access to annually updated demographic data, nationwide business points, shopping centers, streets, address locators, drive-time solvers, and summary reports.


With Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro you can work with locally installed data or by connecting to your portal, such as ArcGIS Enterprise or ArcGIS Online. Learn about installing and licensing local data here.

Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro contains popular geoprocessing tools that allow you to access project data stored in ArcGIS—for example, you can run summary reports shared from ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App or analyze trade areas built in Business Analyst.

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