Configure meeting rooms

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.

ArcGIS Indoors can display meeting room schedules, filter nearby meeting rooms based on availability and capacity, and launch the calendar app with the selected location and time. This allows users to quickly find available meeting rooms based on their needs.


This feature only supports meeting rooms that are managed in Microsoft 365 through resource mailboxes. Ensure that the scheduling options, in particular the maximum duration, are set based on the needs of your organization. The Indoors app prompts the user to sign in to their Microsoft account to check room availability. The account can be managed in the Indoors app settings. Users need to have their Microsoft account added to the native calendar app on the device to create meetings from the Indoors apps using that account.

Complete the following steps to configure meeting room schedule display options:

  1. Open your Indoors project in ArcGIS Pro and activate the map prepared for Indoors mobile apps.
  2. Right-click the Units layer and click Attribute Table.
  3. Add the unique email address associated to meeting room units in the SCHEDULE_EMAIL field.
  4. Add the capacity of each meeting room unit in the CAPACITY field.

    Adding values to the CAPACITY field allows you to filter meeting rooms by capacity in the Indoors mobile apps.

  5. Save the changes and share as a mobile map.

A Meeting button appears on the quick access menu for maps that have meeting room emails configured. The meeting room view displays a list of available meeting rooms based on location and duration. You can filter rooms based on location, building, floor, capacity, and meeting duration, as well as schedule a new meeting.

A Schedule button appears on the info card of a meeting room selected on the map. The schedule view displays meetings that are already scheduled in the selected room. Tapping on an available time slot launches the device's default calendar app and pre-populates the meeting room email address and location.


If your map has points of interest (POIs) for meeting room units, add the email addresses to the SCHEDULE_EMAIL field for each meeting room POI layer to make the Schedule button available on the info card of the POI. This is useful when POI info cards are opened through the Search and Explore panels.

For example, you may have a category named Conference Rooms in the Places + Things category group that includes all conference room POIs.

  • For Indoors for Android, a device will ask you to choose a specific calendar app if there are third-party calendar apps installed on the device or if a default calendar app is not set. Indoors works with the native calendar app and other popular calendar and scheduling apps, but not all third-party apps are supported.
  • Indoors for iOS only works with the native mobile calendar app. Third-party calendar apps are not supported.