Edit a value in a table cell

You may need to change the value in a cell when working with the attribute table. Depending on your workflow, your edits may all be grouped together, or you may need to navigate through your table for scattered updates. Follow the steps below to learn the options to edit individual cell values in an attribute table.

Options to edit a value in a table cell

Once a table view is open, the highlighted cell is ready for editing. When you first open an attribute table, the first cell of the first column and row is highlighted by default. Some attributes are not editable, such as managed fields like ObjectID, Shape_Length, and Shape_Area. Typically, the ObjectID field is the first in the table list. You must navigate the table to find the cell you want to edit. You can edit any non-restricted field once it is highlighted.

To edit a cell value, type a new value directly in the highlighted cell. You do not need to activate the cell to begin editing. The field name and row header turn green with a pencil icon Editing for editing.

You can also edit a cell value by doing one of the following:

  • Right-click for clipboard options.
  • Double-click to access the calendar to choose a new date or time.
  • Double-click to access a drop-down menu if the field contains domains.
  • Press F2 to activate the cell you want to edit.

You can only paste single values, cell-to-cell, between two ArcGIS Pro tables. You cannot paste multiple cell values.

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Press Enter to apply your edits to the table. The active cell moves down to the next row in the table and you can continue to make changes. You can undo and redo edits to the table, as the changes are not yet committed to the database. When you are finished and ready to commit your edits to the database, click Save Edits Save Edits in the Manage Edits group, on the Edit tab.

Options to navigate to another cell

You can navigate to another cell in the table view in the following ways:

  • Press Enter to move down one cell.
  • Press Tab and Shift+Tab to move forward and backward along a row.
  • Use arrow keys on the keyboard to move up, down, right, and left.
  • Press Ctrl+G to display the Go To Row Number controls and navigate to a specific row in your table. Click on the cell or use the keyboard to navigate cells.

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