Go to a specific row number

When you work in a table that contains a large number of records, it can be helpful to jump to a specific row by typing the row number. The Go To Row Number Go to Row command is one way to navigate tabular data. This can be beneficial to return to a previous value edit in a cell or to be able to interact with the map from the table.

The table's row number is based on the current sort order and filtering of the table, not its ObjectID.

Optionally, use the Move to beginning Move to start of table and Move to end Move to end of table buttons to move to the beginning or end of the table.

To go to a specific row number in the active table, do the following:

  1. Click the table Menu button Menu, and click Go to row number Go to Row. Alternatively, press Ctrl+G as a keyboard shortcut.

    The Enter a row number controls appear in the table.

  2. Type the row number in the input box.

    A preview confirming the record's display field is listed in the control near the Close button Close. If you need to, you can type a new value to see another preview to confirm the row you want to scroll to.

  3. Click the Go to Row Number button Go to Row, or press Enter.

    The table scrolls to the row number, making it visible in the list of rows.

  4. Click Close Close when you are finished to close the control without closing the table.

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