Configure the Error Inspector pane

Available with Data Reviewer license.

Error features captured by Reviewer constraint or validation rules are stored in the error layers. Error features can be reviewed in the Error Inspector pane during quality assurance workflows. The Error Inspector supports the ArcGIS Data Reviewer life cycle phases by enabling the Phase and Status columns to display the status of error results.

Once you've shared and evaluated datasets with attributes rules, use the Error Inspector table and Details tab to view information about each error feature.

Perform the following steps to display Phase and Status columns that show the status of error results:

  1. In the Catalog pane, click the Portal tab.
  2. Locate and double-click the web feature layer containing the data to evaluate.
  3. Right-click the individual layer or layers and click Add to New > Map Add Map or Add to Current Map Add To Current Map.
  4. In the Contents pane, right-click the layer and click Add Error Layers Group layer.

    The associated error layers are added as a single group layer, which will be used to review errors in the Error Inspector.

  5. On the Edit tab, in the Manage Edits group, click Error Inspector Error Inspector.
  6. On the Error Inspector toolbar, click the Menu button Menu and click Show Status to display the Phase and Status columns.
    Phase and Status columns in the Error Inspector pane

    To turn off the columns if the life cycle management of errors is unnecessary, uncheck the Show Status option from the Menu Menu.

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