Display a subset of features in scene layers

When you draw a point or 3D object scene layer, you often want to draw a subset of features. You can make a Definition Query or use Hide Selection to select a subset of features for the layer to display.

Point and 3D object scene layers are automatically thinned to improve performance and visibility at greater distances. Automatic thinning means that not all features are displayed at greater distances. As you zoom in, additional features are displayed. This impacts the results given by the Hide Selection button when displaying a subset of features in a scene layer.

Definition query

When you draw point or 3D object scene layers, you might only want to draw some of the features. In these situations, you can write a definition query expression to select a subset of features for the layer to display. Scene layers support standardized queries.

  • Capabilities of a definition query on a scene layer depend on the statistical information available for the scene layer. Statistical information is captured at the moment that a scene layer is generated as a scene layer package (.slpk) file. Changes to a definition query can only be calculated using this statistical information. For example, a new normalization field or histogram cannot be recalculated. Scene layers with associated feature layers, which are created when they are shared to ArcGIS Enterprise, have statistical information within them. Therefore, when applying definition queries, the statistical information can be recalculated. Use a scene layer with an associated feature layer when modifications to a definition query need dynamic statistical information.
  • Not more than 256 unique values can be added; add values above this limit manually.
  • With limited statistical information, only text values can be added automatically. All other value types need to be added manually. Scene layers with an associated feature layer can use any field type to define a definition query.

Hide selected features

You can use Hide Selection to select a subset of features for point and 3D object scene layers to display. For example, you can hide a building from a scene layer and add a new proposed building from another layer to visualize what the proposed site might look like.

Features that are selected using Hide Selection are based on the view. Scene layers thin data based on the visibility. If you are zoomed out and select features to hide, you might be looking at a subset of the features. When you zoom in again additional features might appear. Click Hide Selection to hide small numbers of features from view at the zoom level you want to work with.

Follow these steps to hide the selection:

  1. Select a point or 3D object scene layer in the Contents pane.
  2. Click the Data tab.
  3. Use the Navigate tool to navigate to the desired location to select features from.
  4. Use the Select drop-down menu to choose a selection method. To learn more about selection, see Select features interactively.
  5. Select the desired features to hide.
  6. From the Exclusion group, click the Hide Selection button to hide the selected features.

    Click the Clear button to clear any selected features, or click the Show Hidden button to show the hidden features.

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