Enable vertical placement for Asian text

You can display Asian labels vertically with the Maplex Label Engine. When oriented vertically, individual characters are horizontal but the label itself is vertical. A single label will not mix vertical and horizontal layouts, and the text symbol will be updated to draw text with a vertical layout of more than 45 degrees and a horizontal layout of less than 45 degrees.

This option is only available if the font has vertical text metrics.

The image below shows the vertical character orientation of Chinese characters.

Vertical character orientation of Chinese characters

You can control the character orientation of the Asian text labels by specifying the placement position and the block progression.

For line features, use the following settings:

For polygon features, use the following settings:

For point features, use the following settings:

To enable vertical placement of text, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure the Maplex Label Engine is enabled.
  2. Ensure List By Labeling is the active way of displaying the Contents pane.
  3. Choose a label class in the Contents pane and click the Labeling tab.
  4. On the Labeling tab, in the Text Symbol group, click Text Symbol Launcher.
  5. In the Labeling pane, click Symbol and click Formatting.
  6. Expand Internationalization.
  7. Choose Right to left from the Block Progression drop-down list.

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