An overview of the Fields toolset

The Fields toolset contains a set of tools to add and make changes to the fields in the tables of a feature class. A field is a column in a table; each field contains the values for a single attribute. Any number of fields can be included in a table. Settings can be specified for fields, such as the field type and the maximum size of the data that can be stored in it.


Add Field

Adds a new field to a table or the table of a feature class, feature layer, and/or rasters with attribute tables.

Add Fields (multiple)

Adds new fields to a table, feature class, or raster.

Add Global IDs

Adds global IDs to a list of geodatabase feature classes, tables, and feature datasets.

Add GPS Metadata Fields

Adds GNSS fields to a point feature class in a geodatabase.

Add Incrementing ID Field

Adds a database-maintained ID field to an existing table or feature class in a Dameng, IBM Db2, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL database. A database-maintained ID field is required for all feature classes or tables you plan to edit through a feature service.

Alter Field

This tool provides the ability to rename fields or field aliases for any geodatabase table or feature class.

Assign Default To Field

This tool will create a default value for a specified field. Whenever a new row is added to the table or feature class, the specified field will be set to this default value.

Calculate End Time

Calculates the end time of features based on the time values stored in another field.

Calculate Field

Calculates the values of a field for a feature class, feature layer, or raster.

Calculate Fields (multiple)

Calculates the values of fields for a feature class, feature layer, or raster.

Convert Time Field

Converts time values stored in a string or numeric field to a date field. The tool can also be used to convert time values stored in string, numeric, or date fields into custom formats such as day of the week and month of the year.

Convert Time Zone

Converts time values recorded in a date field from one time zone to another time zone.

Delete Field

Deletes one or more fields from a table, feature class, feature layer, or raster dataset.

Disable COGO

Disables COGO on a line feature class and removes COGO fields and COGO-enabled labeling and symbology. COGO fields can be deleted.

Disable Editor Tracking

Disables editor tracking on a feature class, table, feature dataset, or mosaic dataset.

Enable COGO

Enables COGO on a line feature class and adds COGO fields and COGO-enabled labeling to a line feature class. COGO fields store dimensions that are used to create line features in relation to each other.

Enable Editor Tracking

Enables editor tracking for a feature class, table, feature dataset, or relationship class.

Transpose Fields

Switch data stored in fields or columns to rows in a new table or feature class.

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