Build Stereo Model (Data Management)


Builds a stereo model of a mosaic dataset based on a user-provided stereo pair.

A stereo model of a mosaic dataset is required for stereo feature collection and 3D point cloud generation. A stereo model, as one of the tables within a mosaic dataset, defines the stereo pairs. The stereo model stores the overlapping polygons, the corresponding image identifiers, and image IDs that comprise each pair. The stereo model can be accessed from the context menu of a mosaic dataset.


  • The order of the stereo pair in the point cloud calculation is determined by user-defined thresholds for the overlap area, intersection angle, adjustment quality, GSD difference, and Omega/Phi quality.

  • If you want a specific pair to be used for point cloud generation, set a high value for this pair in the Use field of the stereo table. To open the stereo table, right-click the mosaic layer in the Contents pane and click Open > Stereo.


BuildStereoModel(in_mosaic_dataset, {minimum_angle}, {maximum_angle}, {minimum_overlap}, {maximum_diff_OP}, {maximum_diff_GSD}, {group_by})
ParameterExplanationData Type

The mosaic dataset on which to build the stereo model.


Running Apply Block Adjustment on the input mosaic dataset first will help create a more accurate stereo model.

Mosaic Dataset; Mosaic Layer

The value, in degrees, that defines the minimum angle the stereo pair must meet. The default is 10.


The value, in degrees, that defines the maximum angle the stereo pair must meet. The default is 70.


The percentage of the overlapping area over the whole image. The default is 0.5.


The maximum threshold for the Omega/Phi difference between the two image pairs. The Omega values and Phi values for the image pairs are compared. If the difference between either the two Omega or the two Phi values is above the threshold, the pairs will not be formatted as a stereo pair.


The threshold for the maximum ground sample distance (GSD) between two images in a pair. If the resolution ratio between the two images is greater than the threshold value, the pairs will not be built as a stereo pair. The default is 2.


Builds the stereo model from raster items within the same group, defined by a mosaic dataset field such as RGB, Panchromatic, or Infrared.


Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The updated mosaic dataset.

Mosaic Dataset; Mosaic Layer

Code sample

BuildStereoModel example 1 (Python window)

This is a Python sample for the BuildStereoModel tool.

import arcpy 
arcpy.BuildStereoModel_datamanagement("c:/data/fgdb.gdb/md", 10, 70, 0.6)


This tool does not use any geoprocessing environments.

Licensing information

  • Basic: Yes
  • Standard: Yes
  • Advanced: Yes