Create Indoors Database (Indoors)

Available for an ArcGIS organization licensed with the Indoors extension.


Adds the necessary datasets, feature classes, tables, and configurations to a geodatabase to host ArcGIS Indoors data.


  • The target geodatabase must already exist.

  • When using an enterprise geodatabase, the connection file must connect directly to the database, and the connection should be established as the database owner.

  • The output of this tool is used by the Import Floorplans To Indoors Geodatabase tool, which converts the CAD data to GIS data.


ParameterExplanationData Type

A geodatabase to contain the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model to manage indoor GIS information for use with Indoors apps.


Derived Output

NameExplanationData Type

The geodatabase in which the Indoors schema and data results will be generated.


Code sample

CreateIndoorsDatabase example 1 (Python window)

The following Python window script demonstrates how to use the CreateIndoorsDatabase function in immediate mode.

import arcpy
CreateIndoorsDatabase example 2 (stand-alone script)

The following stand-alone script demonstrates how to use the CreateIndoorsDatabase function.

# Name:
# Description: Creates Indoors model items in an empty file geodatabase.

import arcpy

# Set local variables
out_folder_path = r"C:\Indoors"
out_name = "ExampleCampus.gdb"

# Execute CreateFileGDB
arcpy.CreateFileGDB_management(out_folder_path, out_name)

# Execute CreateIndoorsDatabase on empty file geodatabase
arcpy.indoors.CreateIndoorsDatabase(r"{0}\{1}".format(out_folder_path, out_name))


Licensing information

  • Basic: No
  • Standard: Requires Indoors
  • Advanced: Requires Indoors

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