001890: Invalid subnetwork connectivity, multiple subnetwork controllers with different subnetwork names found <value>.


A subnetwork controller feature was found with an inconsistent subnetwork name. This occurs when performing a subnetwork trace or executing the Update Subnetwork tool when multiple subnetwork controllers are traversable to one another but do not have the same subnetwork name.

The error will report the subnetwork names that are inconsistent.


Reference the subnetwork names from the error. If the error was returned from the Update Subnetwork tool, point error features will also be generated for the subnetwork controller features with inconsistent subnetwork names.

If the subnetwork name for the subnetwork controller is wrong, rename it using the Modify Subnetwork Controller pane.

If the subnetwork controller should not be defining the subnetwork, break traversability by disconnecting the controller from the rest of the subnetwork features.