What is the Network Analyst module (arcpy.nax)

The Network Analyst module, arcpy.nax, is a modern, easy-to-use Python module for working with network analysis functionality provided with the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension. It provides access to the following:

  • Classes that allow you to perform all the supported network analyses
  • Classes that allow you to work with information related to the connectivity of various elements that comprise a network dataset
  • Geoprocessing tools that allow you to pre-process inputs, share your analysis results, or work with network datasets
  • Helper functions and classes that you can use to work with certain data types used by the classes that allow you to perform network analysis

Along with the functions and classes available in the arcpy.nax module, you can use functions and classes from ArcPy or other ArcPy modules in your Python scripts to accomplish your workflows.

To use the arcpy.nax module to perform network analysis, see Perform network analysis; then find the class specific to your analysis in the Classes section to understand all the available properties and methods.