Assign ArcGIS Pro licenses in ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Pro licenses are assigned by ArcGIS Online organization administrators or by organization members with privileges to manage licenses.

Before you can assign ArcGIS Pro licenses to members of your organization, the following conditions must be met:

Check license and user type availability

Your ArcGIS Online organization members have various user types, such as Viewer and Creator. Your organization may also have ArcGIS Pro add-on licenses available to assign to Creators. Only the Creator and GIS Professional user types can have an ArcGIS Pro license. (GIS Professionals are assigned ArcGIS Pro licenses automatically.)

Find out how to view license and user type details in the ArcGIS Online help.

Assign or unassign an ArcGIS Pro add-on license or extension

After you confirm that ArcGIS Pro add-on licenses are available, you can assign them to members with the Creator user type. Members with the GIS Professional user type already have ArcGIS Pro. Both of these user types can be assigned extension licenses.

The steps to assign core product licenses and extension licenses are the same. The steps to unassign a license are nearly the same. See the ArcGIS Online help for the steps to configure add-on licenses for one product or to configure add-on licenses for multiple products.


It is possible for your organization to exceed the number of licenses available, resulting in negative availability. This can happen, for example, if you make changes to your maintenance agreement or if trial licenses expire. If a license expires, you must unassign it so that all members are assigned valid licenses. Until you correct the license assignments, no one in the organization will be able to sign in to use ArcGIS Pro or additional products.

Change user type

You may want to assign an ArcGIS Pro license to a member whose user type is not compatible with the license. In that case, you need to change the member's user type.


If you change a member's user type to GIS Professional, an ArcGIS Pro license is assigned automatically. If you change a member's user type to Creator, you can assign the member an ArcGIS Pro add-on license, but the license is not assigned automatically.

Configure new member defaults

You can assign member properties by default when you add members to the organization. For example, you can automatically assign new users a GIS Professional user type or a Creator user type with an ArcGIS Pro add-on license. You can also enable Esri access by default.

End a session

You can end a member’s active ArcGIS Pro session. This may be useful when a member is signed in to ArcGIS Pro on three computers at the same time (the maximum allowed) and needs to sign in on another computer. If the member is unable to sign out on one of the computers—for example, because the member is not physically present—you can end a session. This allows the member to sign in on another computer.

  1. If necessary, sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. At the top of the site, click Organization and click the Licenses tab.
  3. If necessary, click Add-on licenses.
  4. Next to ArcGIS Pro, click License activity.

    A window appears with a list of organization members who have ArcGIS Pro licenses. Next to each member's name, a Last Used column shows the date they last used ArcGIS Pro.


    A green dot next to the date indicates that the member has used ArcGIS Pro in the last 30 minutes. This usually means that the member has an active session. A red dot next to the date indicates that the member has authorized ArcGIS Pro for offline use.

  5. In the list of members, find the member whose session you want to end. In the Last Used column, click the date.

    If the member has one or more active sessions, they all display. If nothing happens when you click the date, this means that the user has either signed out of ArcGIS Pro or exited the application.

    ArcGIS Pro sessions last 30 minutes. A session is continuously renewed while the member is actively using ArcGIS Pro, and expires 30 minutes after they stop working in the application. If the member begins using ArcGIS Pro after 30 minutes of inactivity, a new session is created.

    Each active session lists the name of the computer and three time stamps:

    • Created—This is when the active session began. Since that time, the member has been active at least once every 30 minutes.
    • Last used—This is the last time the member was active in ArcGIS Pro. It is never more than 30 minutes in the past.
    • Active until—This is when the current session expires if the member remains inactive. It is 30 minutes after the Last used time.
  6. Click End session for the session you want to end.

    Information about the member's active session

  7. On the End session prompt, click OK.

    The session ends. In ArcGIS Pro, the user soon gets a message that they are no longer connected to a licensing portal. The user has 60 minutes to save their work.

    Message that ArcGIS Pro is not connected to a licensing portal

  8. Click the Close button in the upper right corner of the page to return to the Licenses tab.

Disable offline usage

By default, ArcGIS Pro named users can take their licenses offline to use the application in a disconnected environment. As the organization administrator, you can disable offline usage. This setting is made for the organization as a whole, not for individual members.

  1. If necessary, sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. At the top of the site, click Organization and click the Licenses tab.
  3. If necessary, click Add-on licenses.
  4. Under ArcGIS Pro, turn on the Prevent members from taking ArcGIS Pro offline option.

    Option to disable offline usage of ArcGIS Pro

Enable Esri access for members

Esri access allows members of the organization to use their ArcGIS Online credentials in sections of Esri websites that require signing in. These include parts of the Esri Support, Esri Academy, and Esri Community sites. Esri access is also required for members to sign in to My Esri, the download site for ArcGIS Pro software.

Members cannot enable or disable Esri access for themselves; this option must be set by the ArcGIS Online organization administrator. The administrator can enable Esri access when a member is invited to join the organization or afterward.


Esri access does not automatically allow a member to download ArcGIS Pro. If Esri access has been enabled but a Downloads tab does not appear under the My Organizations tab in My Esri, the member needs to click the Request Permissions side tab. Next, under Request Permissions to your Organization, they need to click Continue and complete the form with a request for permission to download software. The request is sent to the software administrator of your organization (who may or may not be the ArcGIS Online organization administrator).

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