An overview of the Caching toolset

The Caching toolset creates and manages map server caches for faster display of map services. Caches consist of pregenerated images that the server can distribute to clients.


Create Map Server Cache

Creates the tiling scheme and preparatory folders for a map or image service cache. After running this tool, use the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles tool to add tiles to the cache.

Delete Map Server Cache

Deletes an existing map image layer cache, including all associated files on disk.

Export Map Server Cache

Exports tiles from a map image layer cache as a cache dataset or tile package to a folder on disk. The tiles can be imported into other caches, or they can be accessed from ArcGIS Desktop or mobile devices as a raster dataset, independent from their parent service.

Generate Map Server Cache Tiling Scheme

Generates a custom tiling scheme file that defines the scale levels, tile dimensions, and other properties for a web tile layer.

Import Map Server Cache

Imports tiles from a folder on disk into a map image layer cache.

Manage Map Server Cache Status

Manages internal data kept by the server about the built tiles in a map or image service cache.

Manage Map Server Cache Tiles

Creates and updates tiles in an existing web tile layer cache. This tool is used to create new tiles, replace missing tiles, overwrite outdated tiles, and delete tiles.

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