Installing ArcGIS Business Analyst 2021 U.S. Data

Available with Business Analyst license.


The installation process copies the necessary files to your machine so you can work with Business Analyst software. Before installing the 2021 U.S. Data, close all applications on your computer and verify that your computer meets the system requirements.

Downloading and installing from My Esri

Each 7-Zip file size is approximately 10.5 GB. Ensure 66 GB of free space is available on the drive where these files will be downloaded. Another 97 GB on the drive will be needed to where the data will be extracted. Once extracted, you will begin the installation process. If installing to the same drive, then you are going to need another 92 GB of free space on that drive. After you finish installation of the data, you can delete approximately 163 GB of setup and 7-Zip files.


The 7-Zip open source program is required to extract and automatically reassemble the Business Analyst data file archives. You will need to install 7-Zip to extract the necessary files from the downloads. Current 7-Zip users will want to install the latest version - ensuring a more efficient extraction process. You may download 7-Zip from the official site:

  1. On the My Esri site, click My Organizations and click Downloads.
  2. Ensure you are in the Products section. Under the All Other Products heading, enter Business Analyst or Business in the Quick Search text box.

    A list of Business Analyst data products will be shown.

    2021 U.S. Data download
  3. Look for ArcGIS Business Analyst Desktop with 2021 U.S. Data. Click View Downloads.

    ArcGIS Pro 2.9 users will follow the same instructions described above to access the data files.

  4. Within the Download Components tab, click Data and Content to expand the list of files.

    For the 2021 U.S. Data Update there will be seven files. Each will need to be downloaded to a folder on your local drive.

  5. Beside the first file, #1 ArcGIS Business Analyst 2021 Data (U.S.A.), Click Download.

    The Download Manager window is launched.

  6. Click Click to download your file now.

    Depending on your browser you may be prompted to select a location to where you want the file downloaded.

  7. Repeat the process for the remaining six files.

    For the 2021 U.S. Data Update there will be seven files downloaded to a folder on your local drive. They are as follows:

    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.001
    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.002
    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.003
    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.004
    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.005
    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.006
    • ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.007

  8. Right click ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.001 and click 7-Zip > Extract Here.

    You will only need to extract from the first compressed file (ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update.7z.001). The extraction process automatically extracts and reassembles Files 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, and 007 to create a full 2021 U.S. Data Update setup. Do not attempt to extract Files 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, or 007.

    Once the files are extracted you will have a folder called ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update that will contain a setup installer and all accompanying files.

  9. Run the setup installer from ESRI_BA_2021_US_Data_Update folder to install the data components. As you click through the install process you will be presented with two installation options:
    • Typical - This is the default installation, which will automatically load Business Analyst data components to your local hard drive to a default location, C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2021\Data
    • Custom - The custom option is recommended for ArcMap users with limited drive space on the local hard drive where ArcGIS Desktop is located or for those who do need to install the default data components. This option allows you to select which data components you wish to install and where you want to install them. You can also choose to not install any data components, and run Business Analyst from the USB media or from a network location.

    The following is a list of Business Analyst components and their approximate sizes:

    Demographic Data

    34 GB

    Businesses Data

    2.6 GB

    Streets Data

    24 GB

    Streets Data Fast Map

    5 GB

    Geocoding Data for ArcGIS Pro

    9.9 GB

    Geocoding Data

    14 GB

    ZIP4 Geocoding Data

    0.9 GB

Installing from USB Media

If installing directly from USB media, you will follow the directions above - starting from step 7.

Authorizing ArcGIS StreetMap Premium locators

To enable ArcGIS StreetMap Premium North America locators, authorization files—for example, ESU123456789 for StreetMap Premium North America For Pro are provided via My Esri (Business Analyst Enterprise users will also get StreetMap Premium North America For ArcGIS Enterprise authorization files).


StreetMap Premium North America (both For Pro and For Enterprise) will appear in your My Esri Downloads list as they are made available to enable the authorizations only. Do not download these files - all required geocoding files are included in the 2021 U.S. Data.

To enable your Streetmap Premium authorization files perform the following steps.

  1. On the My Esri site, click My Organizations then click Licensing.
  2. In the Quick Search text box, enter StreetMap Premium or streetmap.
  3. Look for StreetMap Premium North America For Pro or StreetMap Premium North America For ArcGIS Enterprise. Click Details.

    A list of authorization files will appear.

  4. Apply the authorizations via the ArcGIS Licensing process.