What is a chart?

A chart is a graphical representation of data. Visualizing data through charts helps to uncover patterns, trends, relationships, and structure in data. Use charts together with maps to explore your data and help tell a story.

Charts can be created from both tabular and raster data, and a different set of charts are available for each data type. Tabular data refers to vector or feature data, as well as standalone tables, while raster data refers to imagery or pixel-based data.

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In ArcGIS Pro, you can do the following:

  • Make a chart of any map layers with tables, rasters, or standalone tables.
  • Interact with charts to explore your data dynamically across related maps, tables, and other charts created from the same layer.
  • Change a chart's appearance and save or apply custom format themes.
  • Manage the charts associated with the layers in your maps.
  • Share a chart by exporting it as a graphic, adding it to a layout, or by packaging its source layer, map, or project.

Start with a quick tour of charts


Below are two maps of United States counties showing information about Medicare beneficiaries in 2011. The map on the left shows variation in Medicare spending per capita, and the map on the right shows variation in the overall health of the population. Through a visual comparison we start to get a sense of the relationship between the two variables by noting where the maps have similarities and differences.

Maps of U.S. counties showing information about Medicare beneficiaries in 2011
Maps of Medicare spending per capita (left) and health of the population (right)

By creating a scatter plot of the same variables, we now have a clearer understanding of how Medicare spending and the health of the population are related. Based on the upward slope of the trend line, we can tell that there is a positive relationship between the two variables. And based on the R2 we know that the health of the population explains roughly 41.5 percent of the variation in Medicare spending per capita.

Scatter plot of Medicare spending and population health
Scatter plot of the relationship between Medicare spending (y-axis) and health of the population (x-axis)

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