Create bookmarks

A spatial bookmark for a map or scene identifies a geographic location (view extent and camera perspective) that you want to save and reference later. Bookmarks can also store time- and range-enabled layer properties, so you can also return to a specific point in time or a specific range value.

When you create a bookmark, it references the map or scene it was created from. The Bookmarks drop-down menu lists all of the bookmarks grouped by their associated map or scene. Create bookmarks by clicking New Bookmark New Bookmark from the Bookmarks drop-down menu on the Map tab, or in the Bookmarks pane.

Maps or scenes that are time or range enabled can include bookmarks with indicator icons to show additional properties. A clock icon Map Time on a bookmark thumbnail indicates a bookmark that contains time. A range slider icon Map Range indicates a bookmark that contains range.

Create a bookmark

To create a bookmark, complete the following steps:

  1. In the active map or scene, navigate to the location or perspective you want to bookmark.
  2. On the Map tab, in the Navigate group, click Bookmarks Bookmarks and click New Bookmark New Bookmark.

    If the Bookmarks pane is open, you can optionally click New Bookmark New Bookmark from there. Click Manage Bookmarks Manage Bookmarks to open the pane.

  3. On the Create Bookmark dialog box, type a name for the bookmark and optionally type a description. Click OK.

Bookmark descriptions

You can provide descriptive text to bookmarks to detail how and why the bookmarks were created. The description can include bold, italic, and underline formatting and hyperlinks up to a maximum of 500 characters. Check Show Descriptions if you want descriptions to appear when you view the bookmarks gallery.

Update a bookmark

To update the extent, perspective, or other properties of a bookmark, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the bookmark in the map or scene.
  2. Use the Explore tool Explore Tool to refine the extent or viewpoint of the bookmark.
  3. Optionally, adjust the time or range slider to update the time or range value you want to capture.
  4. Right-click the bookmark from the Bookmarks drop-down menu or hover over a bookmark in the Bookmarks pane, and click the Update button Update Bookmark.

    The extent, time (if applicable), range (if applicable), and thumbnail of the bookmark are updated.

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