Temporal data terminology

The following is a list of common terms you'll encounter when working with temporal data.


Temporal layer

A layer that displays data based on the current time of the time slider.

Temporal map

A map that contains one or more temporal layers.

Time stamp

The time attached to a piece of data (feature, image, and so on). The time stamp can be a single instant or a time interval.

Time instant

A single point on the timeline.

Time extent

The period of time between two points on a timeline.

Time extent of the time slider

The period of time represented by the time slider bar.

Time extent of the map

The period of time visualized on the map set by the controls on the time slider.

Temporal reference

Information about the time zone and rules for daylight saving time. Setting a temporal reference allows you to visualize datasets recorded across different time zones that may or may not have rules for daylight saving time.

Live mode

A display option associated with data that receives continuous updates outside the application. Setting time properties on layers that receive a live feed enables Live Mode on the time slider to automatically progress the map's time extent with your system clock.

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