Common table and attribute tasks

Below are some common table-related tasks with links to find more information.

In addition, there are many geoprocessing tools that allow you to perform tasks such as data conversion and management on tables and attribute data.

Common table-related tasks and where to go for more information

Common task or workflowWhere to go for more informationAvailable geoprocessing tools

Creating a new table

Create datasets in a geodatabase

Create Table

Make Table View

Creating a layer from a table with x,y coordinate data

Add x,y coordinate data as a layer

XY Table To Point

Copy Features

Importing, copying, and converting tabular data sources

Import data

Copy feature datasets, feature classes, and tables to a geodatabase

Work with Microsoft Excel files in ArcGIS Pro

An overview of the Excel toolset

Table To Table

Table To Geodatabase

Table To dBASE

Copy Features


Adding and modifying fields, domains, and subtypes as well as controlling field properties such as visibility, highlighting a column, and numeric and date formatting

An overview of fields

Create, modify, and delete the fields of a layer or table

View and edit fields, domains, and subtypes

Format numeric and date fields

An overview of the Fields toolset

An overview of the Domains toolset

An overview of the Subtypes toolset

Calculate Geometry Attributes

Displaying tables

Open tabular data

Sort records in a table

Filter data in the table

Hide columns in a table

Freeze columns in a table

An overview of the Layers and Table Views toolset

Make Query Table

Make Table View

Interacting with a selected subset

Select records in a table interactively

View all or only the selected records

Highlight records within a selection set

Editing attribute values

Edit an active table

Edit feature attributes

Add data to an existing table

Go to a specific row number

Find and Replace

Calculating the values in fields

Fundamentals of field calculations

Calculate Field examples

Calculate Field

Calculate Geometry Attributes

Creating associations among tables, such as joining, relating, and using relationship classes

Overview of joins and relates

View related data

Automatically select related records

Find the nearest features

Find what intersects a feature

Find what is inside a polygon

An overview of the Joins and Relates toolset

Spatial Join

Geocoding a table of addresses

What is included in the geocoded results?

Geocode a table of addresses

An overview of the Geocoding toolbox

Geocode Addresses

Standardize Addresses

Exporting tabular data

Export data

Export tables

Copy Rows

Table to dBASE

Table To Table

Table To Geodatabase

Export XML Workspace Document