SubnetLine feature class

The SubnetLine feature class stores a set of linear features, each representing a subnetwork. The purpose of the SubnetLine feature class is for visualization during editing and generating subnetwork maps. Each linear feature is composed of an aggregation of line features in a subnetwork with valid asset types.

The SubnetLine feature class is a read-only, system-provided feature class that is only updated internally by the execution of certain utility network tools. All valid connected lines comprise a single feature for the subnetwork in the SubnetLine class. The lines that are used in the SubnetLine feature class are specified in the subnetwork definition for the tier using the Aggregated Lines for SubnetLine feature class property. Since associations are not represented for the SubnetLine feature class, line features representing a subnetwork can be multipart.

The SubnetLine feature class is updated by the following operations:

  • The Tier name attribute field is defined as the subtype field for the SubnetLine feature class. For each tier that is added to a domain network using the Add Tier geoprocessing tool, an additional subtype code and description pair are added for the subtype.
  • Each time the Update Subnetwork tool is executed, a corresponding row is created, updated, or deleted in the SubnetLine feature class. The following are some examples of changes made to the SubnetLine feature class during Update Subnetwork:
    • A row is added when you create a subnetwork.
    • An existing row is updated when changes are made to traversable features in a subnetwork.
    • A row is deleted when you delete a subnetwork.
    • A row can be added, updated, or deleted as changes are made to the Aggregated Lines for SubnetLine feature class property for the subnetwork definition.

When a user version is reconciled with the Default version, the SubnetLine class is considered. When a version is posted to Default, the SubnetLine class is not included. This is because the SubnetLine class is only valid in the version where the updating of the subnetworks occurred. After a version has been reconciled, it may need to be validated and have the subnetwork or subnetworks updated again. Once the version is posted to Default, dirty areas are created. After validation of the network topology, performing update subnetwork in the default version updates the SubnetLine class.

To use the SubnetLine feature class as a visual aid during editing tasks, set an appropriate scale suppression; for example, do not show the layer when zoomed in closer than 1:20,000. Also, apply a meaningful symbology to distinguish the collections of your subnetworks by using the Subnetwork Name field.

Attributes in the SubnetLine class

Features from the SubnetLine class have the following attributes:

Field nameField aliasDescription

Is dirty

Indicates whether a subnetwork is in a dirty or clean state. To learn more, see Dirty subnetworks.


Tier name

Name of the tier the subnetwork belongs to.


Subnetwork name

Name of the subnetwork the aggregated line is representing.


Subnetwork controller names

Names of the subnetwork controllers defining the subnetwork.


Last update subnetwork

The last time the subnetwork was updated using the Update Subnetwork tool.


Last ack export subnetwork

The last time the subnetwork was exported using the Export Subnetwork tool.

This attribute is only updated when Set export acknowledgement is set to true.