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What is LocateXT?

Available with LocateXT license.

The ArcGIS LocateXT extension allows you to use Extract Locations and two geoprocessing tools that search unstructured data for spatial locations and generate point features representing those locations. Unstructured data is any text or document that contains location information including, but not limited to, web pages, reports, emails, and social media.

Extract Locations has the capability to search large blocks of text for locations and process many folders and files at once. The same functionality is also available in the Extract Locations From Document and Extract Locations From Text geoprocessing tools.

Microsoft Office documents (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel), Adobe PDF, XML, and HTML files are all compatible and there is no limit to the number of files that can be added. You can directly paste text, add files individually, or add entire folders containing multiple files on the Files and Folders tab.


IFilters are used to analyze documents. If you plan to extract locations from Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF documents, make sure your IFilter for these products is 64 bit.


If you're reviewing news articles about earthquakes in Alaska and want to see each location mentioned in an article on a map, the sample input text below can be copied and pasted directly into the pane.

Input text

Alaska averages 100 earthquakes a day. The tectonics of the region are dominated by the interaction of the Pacific and North American plates. This interaction has accounted for three of the largest recorded earthquakes in history. The largest, measuring 9.2 on the Richter scale, occurred in the Prince William Sound (60.91°N, 147.34°W) on March 28th, 1964. The second largest Alaskan earthquake, measuring 8.7, occurred on February 4th, 1965, near the Rat Islands (51.25°N, 178.72°E). The third, measuring 8.6, occurred on March 9th, 1957, near the Andreanof Islands (51.50°N, 175.63°W).

Output features

Once the tool has extracted the locations of the three earthquakes in the input text, the feature class appears in the Contents pane, and the resulting locations are visible in the map view.

Extracted earthquake locations in Alaska

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