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00102: <value> does not contain a required layer type for <value>

Web features, vector tile layers, and map image layers with WFS require a feature layer to be present in the map, layer, or layers being shared. Web tile and map image layers require either a feature layer or a raster layer to be present in the map, layer, or layers being shared. If you are overwriting a map image layer that has additional layers or capabilities, a specific layer or data source may be required. For more information, see Additional layers and capabilities.

The first <value> parameter refers to the map or selected layers being shared. The second <value> parameter refers to the type of web layer being shared.

Web layers are not considered valid layer types when sharing a web layer.


Add the required layer type to the map.

More information

A layer represents geographic data, such as a particular theme of data. Examples of map layers include streams and lakes, terrain, roads, political boundaries, parcels, building footprints, utility lines, and orthophoto imagery. Some layers represent a particular type of geographic feature, while others represent a particular type of data. Each layer type has mechanisms for displaying and symbolizing its contents and specific operations that you will perform with them.

Only local data sources are supported when sharing web layers, because a web layer cannot contain web layers. For example, this error will occur if your map only contains a web feature layer and you are sharing a web tile layer.