Aspect function


Aspect identifies the downslope direction of the maximum rate of change in value from each cell to its neighbors . Aspect can be thought of as the slope direction. The values of the output raster are the compass direction of the aspect.

Diagram representing aspect


The Aspect function is often applied to a digital elevation model (DEM).

The aspect dataset appears as a grayscale image. The default data type is 16 Bit Unsigned (Short Integer).

You can add the Colormap function to display the dataset using the color map renderer or a specified color scheme. Use the following parameter settings to produce consistent color mapping for your aspect datasets:

  • Raster—Your aspect output
  • Color Scheme TypeColor Ramp
  • Color Ramp—The first color ramp (named Aspect)
  • Click Create New Layer


Parameter nameDescription


The input DEM used to derive the aspect dataset.

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