Alter the schema of a database table

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

You can use ArcGIS to add a field to, drop a field from, or rename fields in tables that you own in a relational database.

To do so, connect to the database as the owner of the table and open it in fields view.


The following functionality is not supported for tables in cloud data warehouses.

To create, rename, or delete fields in ArcGIS Pro, you can use the fields view.

  1. Connect to the database that contains the table you need to alter.

    You must connect as the table owner.

  2. In the Catalog pane, right-click the table, point to Design and click Fields.

    The fields view opens.

  3. Alter the schema by doing one of the following:
    • To delete a field, choose the field row and press Delete.

      All data stored in this field is removed when you delete the field.

    • To add a field, click New Field on the ribbon, which adds a new column to the table. Provide a field name and data type.
    • To rename a field, click the existing text in the Field Name column and type a new name.

    Field names should not contain spaces or nonalphanumeric characters. See Database and cloud data warehouse data in ArcGIS for information on field name length.

  4. Click Save on the fields ribbon to commit the schema changes.