Overwrite a locator

In addition to publishing new locators, you can use ArcGIS Pro to overwrite existing locators in your ArcGIS Enterprise organization to reflect changes in the reference data or locator properties (such as minimum candidate score or output fields) or edit the item description. Overwriting an existing locator is similar to sharing a locator to your portal. However, you cannot change the name or location of the locator in the portal or on the hosting server.

Overwrite a locator hosted as a service

You can overwrite an existing locator hosted in your organization if you are signed in to your ArcGIS Enterprise portal with the account that owns the locator item being overwritten. You cannot overwrite an existing locator owned by someone else in your organization. You can also modify the item description, who the locator is shared with, and configuration settings. Follow the steps below to overwrite a locator.

  1. On the Share tab of the ribbon, in the Share As group, click the Locator drop-down arrow and click Overwrite Locator Pick From Map.

    The Select the Locator to Overwrite dialog box appears.

  2. On the Select the Locator to Overwrite dialog box, browse to the location of the existing locator in your ArcGIS Enterprise portal to overwrite and select it. Click OK.

    The Select the Locator to Share dialog box appears.

  3. On the Select the Locator to Share dialog box, browse to the location of the existing locator to use to overwrite the locator in the portal and select it. Click OK.
  4. Read the Overwrite Locator message and click Yes to continue.

    The Overwrite Locator pane appears. On the General tab, under Item Details, the name of the hosted locator is displayed. The name cannot be changed.

  5. Under the locator name, accept the default option to Use the item description from the locator item or choose the option to Use the item description from the locator.

    The default option preserves the item description of the current hosted locator. The other option overwrites it.

  6. Optionally, modify the information in the Summary and Tags fields.

    The fields may be empty if you chose to use the item description from the locator in the previous step. Summary and tags are required when sharing to an ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 or earlier portal.

    You can enter a maximum of 128 tags.

  7. Optionally, under Share with, you can modify which people in your organization you want to share the locator with.
  8. Optionally, click the Configuration tab and change settings.

    For more information on configuring locators, see Set properties for locators shared to a portal.

  9. Optionally, click the Content tab to view the new service structure.
  10. Under Finish Sharing, click Analyze Analyze to identify potential issues or limitations.

    The Messages tab displays errors and warnings raised by the analysis. Right-click a message to get more information, access the associated help topic, or access suggested fixes. Errors Error must be resolved before you can share the locator or save the service definition. Resolving warnings Warning is recommended but not required.

    Learn more about analyzing GIS resources

  11. After you have resolved errors, and optionally, resolved warnings, click Publish Publish to share the locator.

    Your overwritten locator is now running on the federated server on your portal and can be accessed by users and clients on your network. If you shared the locator as a server administrator and allowed web access to the service, your service is also now available on the web.