Modify terminal paths

Terminals represent ports, entries, or exit locations on a network feature such as a device or junction object. Terminals are also used to establish the path or paths a resource can follow within the feature or object. These paths are then used to control which terminals a network commodity may enter through, how it may travel within the feature, and which terminal or terminals through which it may exit.

When a network feature is created with an asset type that has a terminal configuration with valid paths assigned, the feature is automatically assigned the default path established for the terminal configuration. The assigned path can be modified to any one of the valid paths identified for the terminal configuration.

Learn about terminal management

You can modify the terminal paths set for a device or junction object in the Modify Terminal Paths pane. This pane presents a list of valid paths defined for the terminal configuration assigned to the active item's asset type for network features with multiple valid paths. Specifying a path from the list changes the terminal path for that feature.

The Modify Terminal Paths pane provides two commands to work with network features that support terminals, Add features and Load selected. The Add features command allows you to select a device on the map and add it to the pane. The Load selected command allows you to load selected records from the device or junction object's attribute table to the pane.

Follow these steps to modify the terminal path for a network feature:

  1. Click the Utility Network tab.
  2. In the Network Topology group, click Terminal Paths.

    The Modify Terminal Paths pane appears.

  3. In the Modify Terminal Paths pane, click the Add features tool Edit Vertex and click a device feature on the map with valid terminal paths defined to populate the Active Item in the pane.

    You can also select records from the device or junction object's attribute table and click the Load selected command Add Method to populate the Active Item with the selected row.

    Only network features that have valid terminal paths defined (three or four terminals) are added to the pane. Selected features or objects without valid terminal paths are omitted.

    If multiple network features are selected, use the Active Item drop-down menu to select the device or junction object to work with.

  4. In the pane, click the Path drop-down menu and choose a valid terminal path for the network feature set as the Active Item.
  5. Click Apply.

The terminal path is updated for the Active Item. Validate the network topology to incorporate the edit.