Project options for editing

Project options for editing include application settings on the Editing, Selection. Unit formats used by the editing tools are available on the Units tab. Version options are available on the Versioning tab.


Optional settingsDescription

Add unit formats for editing

Project unit formats available to editing tools that specify angles, distance, direction, or location.

Change settings for editing attributes

Application settings for editing attributes including options for validating field values, subtypes, and uncommitted edits.

Change settings for editing geometry

Application settings for editing geometry including options for proportionate stretching of features and topology and prompting for uncommitted edits to geometry.

Change settings for editor tools

Application options for editor tools including settings for the editing toolbar, sketch vertex editing, touch screen input, and other workflow productivity settings.

Change settings for saving edits

Application settings for saving edits including options for automatic saves, prompts for saving and discarding edits, deactivating a tool after committing your edits, and making newly added layers editable.

Change settings for editing annotation

Application settings for editing annotation including options for feature linked annotation, annotation alignment, and placement constraints.

Change sketch symbology

Application settings for sketch symbology including options to customize how unfinished sketch vertex handles and selected segments are symbolized.

Change selection settings

Application settings for the selection chip and selection graphic.

Enable and disable editing

Application setting for enabling and disabling editing tools and feature template.

Versioning options

Application settings for defining and resolving conflicts when editing versioned data.

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