Editing options

Project Options on the Editing tab include settings for edit session preferences, feature linked annotation editing tools, and turning warning messages on or off. Project units and selection preferences are available on the Units and Selection tabs.


Options for editingDescription

Add unit formats for editing

Unit formats for editing tools that specify angles, distance, direction, or location.

Annotation options for editing

Feature linked annotation settings for follow feature, alignment, and placement.

Attribute options for editing

Optional settings for enforcing validation and turning off subtype warnings.

Editor session options for editing

Environment settings for edit sessions and saving edits.

Enable and disable editing

Enables and disables editing tools and feature template at the application level.

Geometry options for editing

Default tool settings for stretching geometry and topology proportionately.

Productivity options for editing

Optional settings for shortcut keys and workflow preference.

Selections options for editing

Preferences for the selection chip and selection graphic.

Symbology options for editing

Symbol preferences for unfinished vertex handles.

Versioning options for editing

Editor settings for defining and resolving conflicts when editing versioned data.

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