Filter a building scene layer

Building scene layers are visually complex. It is useful to filter elements or parts of a building to see only the relevant or important information that you are looking for.

For example, if you want to see parts of a building that are on the second floor, you can set a filter to only show the second floor as solid. In other cases, you may be interested in seeing only the load barring walls on the second floor and show other elements on that floor as wireframe. You can achieve these different scenarios by applying a building filter to a building scene layer. You can choose one active filter at a time.

You can define a building filter. A building filter allows you to make elements of a building visible as solid or wireframe. Each building filter contains one or many filter blocks. Filter blocks define what is visible in the building scene layer. Any filter mode created by other ArcGIS clients that is not set to the solid or wireframe type is shown as solid by default. For example, the Scene Viewer can have an x-ray filter mode. When opening a web scene created in the web scene viewer with this filter mode the filter will be shown as solid.

When sharing a building layer with filters applied the building scene layer will include these filter. You can share a web scene that contains a building scene layer. The filter option will be overwritten for the building scene layer in the newly created web scene.

A building scene layer with an associated feature layer can be modified. In this case, the changes have been made to the building scene layer have not been re-cached, and the building filter values may not be current. Rebuild the building scene layer cache to refresh the filter values and see all assets when applying a building filter.

Building scene layer
A complex building scene layer is shown. Copyright 2020: The Ohio State University Facilities Information and Technology Services.